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Black Thai - Seasons of Might (EP review)

Cover artwork by Alexander von Wieding.
Review by Love Among Ruins

Since Black Thai is one of the bands I've been lusting over lately, I am excited to write up some thoughts on just why it is that their new 4 track EP, 'Seasons of Might' is on repeat in my media player these days.  I think we can all agree, it’s been a helluva good year for music.  So when November comes around and I think I've heard the best music the year has to offer, and I get blown away by a little 4 track EP, I think it’s something worth talking about.  Before I get too excited, let’s take a look at who is causing all the commotion. ;-)  Based in Boston, Black Thai is Jim Healey from We're All Going To Die on vocals & guitar...Scott O’Dowd from the band Cortez also on guitar...the bass player is Cory Cocomazzi and finishing out this four piece outfit is seasoned drummer Jeremy Hemond who is also from Cortez and plays for Roadsaw.  Black Thai formed in 2009 and released their first EP 'Blood From On High' in 2010 which, along with 'Seasons of Might' are available in digital format on Bandcamp and iTunes.  'Seasons of Might' is also available as a 12" 45 RPM in various colored vinyl on Bandcamp. 

First impression of this beast of an EP is that they mean serious business in capturing the listener's attention.  Releasing that beast out of its cage is the first track, 'Blood Dust',  highlighted by a relentless hammering of the drums and layered guitar harmonies.  Jim Healey's strong but melodic vocals hit the perfect tone with a combination of aggression and sultriness to create a sound that is very effective with this riff heavy music, and very pleasing to these ears.

They certainly got my attention on the next track 'Start A War'.  There is a kick ass riff-fest going on here opening up with a very catchy hook that just rips throughout the track, highlighted by clean yet aggressive vocals belted out with passionate lyrics about war and destruction combined with some creative rolls & fills from drummer Jeremy Hemond.  This is my favorite track on the EP.

'Doors To Nowhere' takes you on a crazy ride with its intense drumming and a fast paced rhythm. I am so picky about vocals and I love the vocals on 'Seasons of Might'.  I said this in my last review, but I am not a fan of too over the top aggressive or excessive screaming vocals.  I like passion but with control and lots of rasp and grit.  This is exactly what Jim Healey has going on here, perfect combination of all things heavy without losing the passion in the lyrics and the story behind them.

Closing out the nearly 23 minute album is the thought provoking track 'Reasons To Burn' a solid, heavy guitar riff with powerful, drumming and bass, which by the way is wicked as hell with a deep bone shaking tone which gives it more of a doomier feel to it.

I have to mention the artwork by Alexander von Wieding which is a cool rendition of a woman's face divided into the 4 different seasons of summer, fall, winter & spring.  The face depicts the devastation to this beautiful woman by the elements of what might be the result of global warming or a post-apocalyptic time. 

Bottom line....This feels like a group of musicians that know their craft.  They play their instruments like they know they are a force to be reckoned with, but yet show great restraint to hold a melody, and tell a story throughout this short journey, I only wish the journey was longer.  Maybe this was the story they wanted to tell and four tracks was enough to send their message?  I don't know, but their message was short, sweet and to the point, and I got it.

'Seasons of Might' is a MUST have!

Highlights include: "Start a War" and "Reasons To Burn"

Rating: 4.5/5

1). Blood Dust (5:25)
2). Start A War (5:23)
3). Doors To Nowhere (3:58)
4). Reasons To Burn (8:03)

From: Boston, Massachusetts

Genre: Stoner Metal, Southern Rock

Reminds me of: Deville, Sideburn, Valley of the Sun

Release Date: November 5, 2013

Black Thai on facebook


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