Monday, 30 December 2013

The Top 100 Most Paranoid Songs of 2013

This list gave me nightmares.  By far the most difficult list I've ever put together, The Most Paranoid Songs of 2013 is an approximation at best.  I started this thing out with some 368 songs that I thought were worthy of inclusion and whittled it down, and whittled and whittled.  Then, finally, I went ahead and whittled away at it some more.  But aside from just getting the list down to 100, then there was the sequencing to worry about.  Nightmares, my friends.  Hopefully you'll find something here that you hadn't heard before that will blow your mind, there was more than enough excellent music to sift through.  Feel free to let me know what an idiot I was for not including this song or that song.  I don't think any of us can get enough great music so share your picks here or on the facebook page if you feel so inclined, I'd be happy to check them out ...
  1. Carry You Away (Neon Warship / ST)
  2. Polygon of Eyes (Scorpion Child / ST)
  3. Bald Bull (Gozu / The Fury of a Patient Man)
  4. Brother Death (Zodiac / ST)
  5. Mind Crawler (Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats / Mind Control)
  6. Already Dead (Devil To Pay / Fate Is Your Muse)
  7. By Titan Hand (Head of the Demon / ST)
  8. Goodbye Gemini (Blood Ceremony / The Eldritch Dark)
  9. South of the Earth (Iron Man / South of the Earth)
  10. The Tower of Silence (Cathedral / The Last Spire)
  11. Prepare To Die (Devil To Pay / Fate Is Your Muse)
  12. Abysmal (Hollow Leg / Abysmal)
  13. Gun You Down (Ape Machine / Mangled By the Machine)
  14. Walk Through Exits Only (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals / Walk Through Exits Only)
  15. La Chinga (La Chinga / ST)
  16. Mt. Abraxas (Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats / Mind Control)
  17. Woodbine (Windhand / Soma)
  18. Horrible Nights (Moss / Horrible Night)
  19. Maleficia Lamiah (Pombagira / Maleficia Lamiah)
  20. A Whore In Confession (Iron Man / South of the Earth)
  21. Restless Wanderer (Devil / Gather The Sinners)
  22. Night Demon (Night Demon / ST EP)
  23. Warrior Woman (Corsair / Ghosts of Proxima Centauri EP)
  24. Spider Stole the Weed (Curse the Son / Psychache)
  25. Ten Lizardmen & One Pocketknife (Devil To Pay / Fate Is Your Muse)
  26. Devils II (Witches of God / The Blood of Others)
  27. Leaning on a Bear (Purson / The Circle & The Blue Door)
  28. Sin Revolución no hay Evolución (At Devil Dirt / Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución)
  29. Monster of the Highway (Black Rainbows / Holy Moon EP)
  30. Ride (Miss Lava / Red Supergiant)
  31. Nuclear Messiah (King Goat / Atom)
  32. Pare Huarg (Lord Summerisle / Demo)
  33. Goodbye Henry Anslinger (Curse the Son / Psychache)
  34. By Endurance We Conquer (Argus / Beyond the Martyrs)
  35. Summoning the Not Living (Vidunder / ST)
  36. The Witches Remains (Brutus / Behind the Mountains)
  37. Wise As A Serpent (Spiritual Beggars / Earth Blues)
  38. The Message (Sasquatch / IV)
  39. Shrubbery The Warlock (Mountain Witch / Cold River)
  40. Master of the Temple (Magister Templi / Lucifer Leviathan Logos)
  41. Mindless Ones (Monster Magnet / Last Patrol)
  42. Mystery Machine (Brutus / Behind the Mountains)
  43. God Is Dead? (Black Sabbath / 13)
  44. Sinister Gleams (Abysmal Grief / Feretri)
  45. The Imposter (Dozer / Vultures EP)
  46. Savage Dancer (Black Moth / 7" single)
  47. Black Flag (Tsar Bomba / Silent Queen)
  48. Phantasmagoria (Head of the Demon / ST)
  49. The Great Escape of the Giant Stone Man (Void of Sleep / Tales Between Reality & Madness)
  50. I've Come For It All (Borracho / Oculus)
  51. Ride To Ruin (Hollow Leg / Abysmal)
  52. Earth Rocker (Clutch / Earth Rocker)
  53. Conflict (Philip H. Anselmo / War of the Gargantuas)
  54. Running on Fumes (Lowburn / Soaring High EP)
  55. Hypnotise (Beelzefuzz / ST)
  56. The Willow (Doctor Smoke / Demo)
  57. Shameless (Rote Mare / The Kingdom)
  58. 230 (Mother of God / Anthropos)
  59. Welldweller (Lothorian / Welldweller)
  60. Rebecca At the Well (Revelation / Inner Harbor)
  61. For the Throne of Fire (Kröwnn / Hyborian Age)
  62. Run the Night (Salem's Pot / ST cassette)
  63. Kingdom (Sumeru / ST EP)
  64. The Blackness of My Soul Will Be So Great As To Make the Night Weep (Tentacle / Ingot Eye)
  65. The Key (Head of the Demon / ST)
  66. Lazy (Ape Skull / ST)
  67. Hacia El 6to Sol (DemonAuta / Caminando En La Luna)
  68. Vertigo (Zodiac / ST)
  69. The Is Not a God Or A Devil (At Devil Dirt / Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución)
  70. As You Wish (Vista Chino / Peace)
  71. The Jester's Clown (Wicked Inquisition / Silence Thereafter)
  72. The Worst & Longest Day (Iron Man / South of the Earth)
  73. Kingdom of Others (Death Ape Disco / Supervolcano)
  74. Dull Ache [I Hate Myself Today]  (Tentacle / Ingot Eye)
  75. Thy Kingdom Gone (Weed Priest / ST)
  76. Lucid (Mount Salem / Endless EP)
  77. Crux To Bear (Across Tundras / Split LP)
  78. Shadow King (Beastwars / Blood Becomes Fire)
  79. The Secret Spot (Scorpion Child / ST)
  80. The Bull (The Ruiner / digital single)
  81. Solution (Supermachine / ST)
  82. Kings of Koch (Snowchild / digital single)
  83. That Woebegone (Ghold / Judas Ghoat)
  84. Winter Light (Magic Circle / ST)
  85. Illuminati (Spiral Shades / Hypnosis Sessions)
  86. Sirens Song (Beelzefuzz / ST)
  87. Hysteria (Mount Salem / Endless EP)
  88. This Train Won't Stop (Devil To Pay / Fate Is Your Muse)
  89. One of a Kind (Nocturnal / ST)
  90. Ladies of the Night (Devil / Gather the Sinners)
  91. Reborn (Beelzefuzz / ST)
  92. Madness! (Space God Ritual / Eldritch Tales)
  93. Lava (Deville / Hydra)
  94. La Ley Del Dolor (Cultura Tres / Rezando Al Miedo)
  95. Writing on the Wall (Horisont / Time Warriors)
  96. In the Nightmares of Snakes (Crowlord / Naked Chicks, Goats & Wolves)
  97. Lords of the Funerals (Abysmal Grief / Feretri)
  98. Suicidal Slayer (Rote Mare / The Kingdom)
  99. Don't See You Around (At Devil Dirt / Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución)
  100. Caul of Time (Beastwars / Blood Becomes Fire)

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