First and foremost 'Paranoid Hitsophrenic' is a place to spread the word about my favorite new albums in the Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Psychedelic/Hard Rock genres of metal with the odd thrash, groove, viking, traditional heavy metal, etc album thrown into the mix.  Whatever's good.  THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO DOWNLOAD ALBUMS FOR FREE, if an album is available for free download, the link to the band's official page will be provided.  These guys and gals are making too great of music not to be rewarded, especially in a day and age when everything you hear in the mainstream is complete shit (well ... it's been that way for a long, long time hasn't it?).  If I've helped a band to sell to a single album then I've done my job. (I do not work for a record label, band, magazine or am involved in the music business in any way.)

Here's an interview I did for the Temple of Perdition blog:

Some thoughts about the DOOM CHARTS:
The doom charts are done for love of lists, are based completely on my opinion and are 100% subjective.  It also allows me to share my opinion of my favorite songs and albums of the moment.  The new Doom Charts get posted every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

Here are the rules of the Doom Charts

  • Every song has to have been released within the past (1) calendar year.
  • Only one song at a time from any given release (lp, ep, single).  A band like Ice Dragon, however, has had three songs in the top twenty by having released an lp, ep (as Tentacle), and single within a short span of time.
  • Once a song reaches 10 plays it is retired from the charts.
I go through so much music that I'm really backed up for listening most of the time, which is why I started doing the doom charts in the first place.  It's not just a good time, it's a clearing house for great music, it gives me the opportunity to familiarize myself with as many great songs as I can because I do not want to miss out on anything.

The Super Doom Charts are different from my own regular Doom Charts and are posted on the 1st of every month.  They are gathered by taking votes from a bunch of people who are listed on the bottom of each Super Doom Chart page. The votes come from some of your favorite bloggers, etc. who vote for their current favorite albums from all different genres that are related to doom metal and stoner rock, so you will see many different styles of music listed ranging from psychedelic rock (Dead Meadow) to sludge metal (Lumbar) and beyond (Carcass).
As much as it pains me to do this, I can no longer accept new submissions due to the high volume of commitments I have already made.  There will be a time that I re-open the door for submissions and I'll have to periodically revisit this policy over the long haul.  I have discovered so many great bands and albums through the submissions process such as Crag Dweller, Shinin' Shade, Bretus, Barbara y Los Rotos Del Rock and Sideburn to name a few.  Some of the relationships I have forged through this process have been incredibly rewarding and I will continue to foster those relationships, but for now, I APOLOGIZE BUT I CAN NOT ACCEPT NEW SUBMISSIONS AT THIS TIME.  I've loved every album that I've posted about on this blog and I know that there are dozens more I will miss out on because of this, but it's time to close down.


  1. Hey man,

    Just found your site. We're Ripple Music, home of such releases as Grifter, Mos Generator, Stone Axe and Trucker Diablo. All riff mad and groove heavy, retro/stoner/heavy rock.

    Love to get you some music to review if you'd like. Just let me know.

    Also, we're the Ripple Effect music site and have been an integral part of the heavy rock scene for 5 years now. Care to exchange links?

    Todd (Racer)
    Ripple Music

    The Ripple Effect

    1. Sure, man, it would be an honor to exchange links.

      Also, you can get in touch with me here: lucaswilliamklaukien@gmail.com

      and here:

  2. Lucas William you have a great site. Found you through your bandcamp fan account. We have similar (good) taste. Going to check out some of your reviews now.

    1. Thanks man! I'll look for you on bandcamp. Good to have you on board.

  3. Hi guys.
    I´m here to introduce you to BRUTO, my band. I'm the drummer/manager.

    We're from Chile, and we play what we like to call Fuzzgressive. Call it the way you like, but is mostly rock play with blood, sweat and power.

    We release our first record a few weeks ago, is a 9-track album were we show why call ourselves BRUTO.

    You can download it for free in our bandcamp site (also, if you want, you can pay any price you like),


    Hope you like it, because we do. A lot.

    Any question, don't hesitate to contact us to our email brutorock@gmail.com

    Good luck and keep rockin'!


  4. We are RECLVSE, we are from Wales, we play Doom!

    We'd like to submit our 3-track demo 'RECLVSE' for review.
    Released May 4th 2014 for free download & free streaming from our bandcamp page: http://reclvse.bandcamp.com/album/reclvse

    Recorded ourselves with cover artwork by Bvrzerk and band logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

    We formed during 2013 and we listen to too much Pentagram, Warning, Candlemass, Cathedral, Reverand Bizarre, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Gallow God, Moss..

    Ceri (drums)


  5. Hello mate. how are you? I was wacthing your blog and I was wondering if I could show you our work with Pantanum band. We are a brazilian stonerdoom band and just released our first oficial album called volume 1.

    Here is the link https://pantanum.bandcamp.com/album/volume-i

    If you like, you can buy de album for $5 or make the download of each song separately for free.

    I hope you enjoy :)
    thks for listening!

    Pantanum band

  6. Hi man!
    We are a Sludge Metal (sort of) Italian band called The Blacktones. We would to submit to you our album for a review, but I just read that you are a bit busy (even if some year has passed, I suppose).
    But I hope you will enjoy at least the listening of our release, available here (all the tracks are listenable for free):


    thanks in advance and good listening, and if you change your mind, let me know ;)

    Aaron & The Blacktones


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