Wednesday, 8 January 2014


2012 was a seminal year for me.  It's the year I tumbled down the rabbit hole of underground heavy and there's been no looking back.  One of my favorite releases from that year was 'The Last Bow' 4-song E.P. by a Polish band called Satellite Beaver.  Recently the band announced on their facebook page that they have changed their name to Sunnata, but have kept the same personnel, etc.  The name is a Buddhist word and means "emptiness" or more accurately "voidness".  I've kept up with the band and over the course of the last year or so the band has released a couple live performance videos of new songs.  The songs are heavier, thicker, more psychedelic and the change in name is fitting.  Read the press release below for more details:

Warsaw doomsters SATELLITE BEAVER announced that they have changed their name for good. After much deliberation and discussion, they have decided to move on as SUNNATA! As Satellite Beaver, they released three EPs and played some of the biggest central and eastern-european stoner festivals, including Desertfest Berlin, Days Of The Ceremony (PL) or Robustfest (UA), and shared the stages with acts such as Sungrazer, Karma To Burn or Suma.

"Many things have changed since our start in 2008. After three short-length releases and numerous shows we all (finally) agreed to make a step closer to become premium pop-stars. However, the new band name doesn’t imply any line-up or make-up changes. It simply suits our approach to the music, which has become way heavier and trippy in comparison to what we played back in 2008. So here it is." – says drummer Rob.

Along with their name change, SUNNATA have also revealed first details of their upcoming full-length album titled CLIMBING THE COLOSSUS. The album is already in the mix and will contain 7 tracks filled with noise, fuzz and downtuned trips. The upcoming long-awaited record by Sunnata is scheduled to be released in March 2014 and a first single will be coming out soon!

If you want to keep yourself updated with their gloomy news, follow SUNNATA on their official websites:

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