Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Doom Chart: Most Paranoid Songs of 01/22/14

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Leadersheep (Saturn / Ascending)
  2. Blood & Whiskey (Doctor Smoke / Demo 2013)
  3. Burnout Blues (Sangoma / Diviner)
  4. Robotic Invasion (Fu Manchu / split single w/ Moab)
  5. High Priestess (Black Majik Acid / ST)
  6. Horse Called Doom (Arrowhead / Atomsmasher)
  7. Ruler of Dust (Moon Coven / Amanita Kingdom)
  8. 1901 (The Great Electric Quest / Chapter II E.P.)
  9. Frown Curve (March the Desert / Waves on the Moon EP)
  10. Fall Through (Maze of Roots / 2013)
  11. Slave the Hive (High on Fire / digital single)
  12. Shades of Black (Demon Eye / Leave the Light)***
  13. Trinity (Argus / Beyond the Martyrs)***
  14. Gary's Graveyard (Smoke / ST)
  15. Necromance (Goya / 777)***
  16. Come Samhain (Zodiac / digital single)
  17. Gunslinger (Valley of the Sun / Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk)
  18. Bottomless Lies (Sandveiss / Scream Queen)
  19. Witch Is Burning (Doublestone / Wingmakers)
  20. Mrs. Absinthe (Crypt Trip / ST E.P.)
  21. As You Wish (Vista Chino / Peace)
  22. The Dog (Hollow Leg / Abysmal)
  23. Dead Friends (Doomriders / Grand Blood)
  24. Phobia (Mist / Demo 2013)***
  25. Ramona Parra (The Myrrors / 7" single)
*** New Song

Outgoing songs:
Sinistra (Wounded Giant / Lightning Medicine)
Queen of the Black Harvest (Ice Dragon / Steel Veins single)
Battalion of Zero (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals / Walk Through Exits Only)
Oblivion (Switchblade Jesus / Myelin Constellation)
PARANOID Spotlight on:
DEMON EYE – “Shades of Black”
Debuting at #12 this week is Demon Eye's "Shades of Black", a song that was originally released on the Raleigh, NC quartet's debut six-song E.P. nearly a year ago.  Why is a song that's nearly a year old debuting at the #12 spot?  Because it's being released on the band's full-length album 'Leave the Light' this Friday.  The album features all six E.P. tracks and a clutch of all-new tunes.  I'm glad the band and their label, Soulseller Records went this way with it because it gives me a chance to re-acquaint myself with this tune, a song that was originally somewhat overshadowed by songs like "Hecate", "Silent One" and "Fires of Abalam" (yup, they're all on the new LP).

I wrote a fairly extensive review of 'Leave the Light' for The Sludgelord blog which you can read right here, so I won't rehash all of that wonderful stuff I said about it only to say that I love it and I bet you will too, even if, like me, you already have the original E.P. [see the Paranoid review right here]  Again, five new songs make it well worth picking up with "Adversary" and "Secret Sect" being the strongest of the bunch.

But "Shades of Black" has also been a true standout for me.  Matter of fact, it's been a go-to song to sing and whistle at work over the past few weeks.  It's one of the band's more iconic tracks, featuring the band's trademark guitar sound and curly riffs with a strong whiff of Deep Purple on top.  Don't be surprised if this song goes pretty far up this chart in the coming weeks.  You can pre-order the album by emailing the address found at this link and inquiring about shipping rates.


  1. Happy new year, Lucas! ;-) 2014

    I think there is mistake with the year in title of all Doom charts this month...

    Thanks for reminding me about new Goya release!

    1. Ah! Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


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