Friday, 10 January 2014

Hour of Power 01/10/14

  1. Some Kind of Sorcery (The Socks / ST) PRE
  2. Black Magic Woman (Black Coven / DemoPRE
  3. Slice of That Vibe (Groan / Ride the Snake EP)
  4. Give Graviation To the People (Black Space Riders / D:REIPRE
  5. Spirit of the Cult / Darkest Day [live] (Devil)
  6. In Through Glasses (Warp Riders / Astral Plane EP)
  7. Young Wisdom (Black Wizard / Young Wisdom)
  8. Secret Sect (Demon Eye / Leave the LightPRE
  9. Fuzzy Belly (Moosataur / ST)
  10. The Haunter of the Dark (Bretus / The Haunter of the Dark [outtake])* PRE
  11. Acid Violet Land (Chains / Violet WizardPRE
  12. Squall [teaser] (Ichabod / MerrimackPRE

*This is an outtake from the album sessions and though it is the title track, will not appear on the upcoming album itself
 PRE = Pre-Release / Not yet available

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