Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Blood Red Water - Thundersnow in Venice (Official Music Video)

Venice, Italy's sludge doom masters Blood Red Water have released the brand new video for "Thundersnow in Venice", the closing track from their recent 'All the Ills of Mankind' E.P [see review].  It's not the catchiest or hookiest song from the release, but it is perfectly representative of the overall Blood Red Water sound from their first two E.P.'s, including 2012's 'Tales of Addiction & Despair'.  As you may tell from the video thumbnail, it's not a happy sound.  The video is set in Venice and was directed by the band's drummer Fiorica Gasparini.  Like the song itself, the video captures the essence of the band's distinctively despairing sludge.

Directed & Edited by
Fiorica Gasparini

Carlotta Mazzoni, Lorenzo Petri, Michele Sabbadin, Eric Danzo, Marco Salvatici, Francesco Voltan

Written by
Blood Red Water

Music performed & composed by
Blood Red Water

Recorded by
Gianluca Zanin
Studio Beat2

Blood Red Water

Special thanks:
Marco Salvatici, Giulia Simionato, Lorenzo Petri, Emanuele Zago, Carlotta Mazzoni, Luca Ferrarese


Thanks to Mick for providing the video!

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