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Super Doom Chart - Best of 2013

Artwork by Tony Maim [Black Insect Laughter]
Welcome to the Best of 2013 edition of the Super Doom Charts.  Some thirty plus contributors submitted hundreds of albums, many of which received multiple votes.  The minimum needed to cross the finish line was six votes, twice as many as normal, even though we had nearly the same number of voters.  All in all the albums that made it onto this list were fairly unanimous, but the strangest wrinkle here is that there was a tie for first place!  The two albums at the top of this list had the exact same number of votes AND points.  They're both terrific albums.  Next SDC will be a regular, best of the month chart, but we're going to try a little bit of a different format here, so I hope to see you then.  Huge shout out again to the folks who submitted lists and a mega-galactic shout out to those who did the write-ups here.  I`d tell you you are my sunshine, but this is a doom chart so I'll just say, you are my gray cloud.  Thanks again, and thank you readers.  Dig in ...

T-1). UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS – Mind Control (Rise Above)
Highest Finish: 1, Months on chart: 5
Words by Katharina Pfeiffer (Psychorizon)
Slowly crawling uphill towards the mind-controlling factories of Cambridgeshire, the 2013 brainchild of UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS insidiously takes hold of them synapses if you're willing to give yourself to their Fuzz Fantasma. Even though much of the mystery that laid upon this sonic UK outlet in the early days of their sudden underground stardom has finally been lifted and this veil reveals an actual band, none of their appeal has left with the foursome finally stepping onto stages all over the islands and mainland. Direct comparison with its predecessor "Blood Lust" might have "Mind Control" slightly weakened, but as part of the band's development this might just be the natural step to take. The climatic tracklist on this record delivers a most enchanting encouter. Truely sttiking and sticking out though, partly due to the visual accompany of a video, is the quasi title track "Mind Crawler", coming in second on the record and if you're a Rocker at heart, you will just love "Evil Love" - either way this record is built for the long haul.  Find the album here.

T-1). VISTA CHINO – Peace (Napalm)
Highest Finish: 1, Months on chart: 4
Words by LK Ultra
As with any highly anticipated album from a legendary band, Vista Chino's 'Peace' was initially met by a mixed response so the album's tie for first place comes as something of a surprise.  But for those of us who listened to it (addictively) and voted it into the top spot, it's no great shock.  I've read all sorts of criticisms of this band and this album, but the final verdict here is that the fuzz lives on.  Find the album here.

3). CLUTCH – Earth Rocker (Weathermaker Music)
Highest Finish: 4, Months on chart: 2
Words by Soda Bill (The Ripple Effect)
'Earth Rocker' is Clutch's 10 studio album. At this point in their careers, most bands lose their appeal and enter the stage where they're now a "Greatest Hits" band. Not Clutch. 'Earth Rocker' contains so much energy you would think that they're all still young 20 year olds. 'Earth Rocker' just rocks. Even the slower and acoustic driven "Gone Cold" had a sense of fierceness to it. The album shows why the band is still on top of the mountain after over 20 years. Buy it.

4). WINDHAND – Soma (Relapse)
Highest Finish: 1, Months on chart: 3
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
Windhand have crawled from the depths of some alien landscape to deliver an album dripping in doom, menace and heaviness.  “Soma” delivers 75 minutes of sonic hymns weighed down with atmosphere and foreboding. Low-end and fuzzed guitars carry the wall of sonics into epic soundscapes which riff as if the world is ending.  Dorithia Cottrell sounds as if she is reciting from an unknown Book of Macabre, buried deep in the mix, making if feel like as if the vocals are half curse, half prayer.  Making every note count, the solos are a masterclass in why less is more. Why induldge in fretboard pyrotechnics when mantra like riffs can pull you under with their spell.  The last track is 30 minutes long and has split the listening community in half - pointless, aimless and a waste of time or one almighty circular riff that ends the album perfectly?

This is Doom.  Here it is.

5). BLOOD CEREMONY – The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above)
Highest Finish: 5, Months on chart: 5
Words by Gruesome Greg [Gruesome Views]
I’ve been a fan of this band for almost seven years now, pretty much since the beginning. Not only do I have all their albums—I was at the release party for each of them. And while I’ll always have a soft spot for the self-titled debut, I admire the progression they’ve made from one record to the next, even if they’re progressively moving away from metal towards more, erm, progressive rock. The Eldritch Dark certainly won’t blow your speakers (unless you’ve got some pretty shitty speakers), but it’s not intended to. It’s more of a hearkening back to the horror soundtrack, in the days when Italian prog-rock bands composed entire soundtracks themselves.

Hey, did I tell you about the time I saw Blood Ceremony play an underground theatre, ate roast corn and watched The Wicker Man afterwards?  Find the album here.

6). KADAVAR – Abra Kadavar (Nuclear Blast)
Highest Finish: 2, Months on chart: 5
Words by Katharina Pfeiffer (Psychorizon)
Desert-dry, straight forward yet laid back Classic Rock with a touch of Fuzz-O-Matic - leaving out all the crappy hipster hype talk going on, KADAVAR are but a brilliantly delivering band. The Berlin-based trio from a national subcultural phenomenon into a globally successful act, relentlessly touring, facing an endless run of Interviews, Signing Sessions and what not. Their second full-length release – and Nuclear Blast debut – saw the light of day on April 12, 2013. Hardly a year and one line-up chance later their peak is still lasting, far from slowing down and the first few shows for the upcoming live circle have already been announced, including KADAVARs appearance at German Freak Valley Festival. While their previous eponymous record offers a comprehensible number of potential hits, "Abra Kadavar" is a well-rounded circle of overwhelmingly catchy tunes, such as "Come Back Life", "Doomsday Machine", "Liquid Dream" or the instrumental Outro title track "Abra Kadavar". Now all there's left to do is wait and see, what 2014 will bring and if there's gonna be a new KADAVAR record, I'd gladly be promoting!  Find the album here.

7). IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS – Of the Flock (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 3, Months on chart: 1
Words by Cam Crichton (Motherslug)
When one member of a two-piece band leaves you could probably expect a shift in direction, not so with these Denver sludgers. Joseph Weller Myer (Royal Talons) replaces JJ Anselmi on the skins for In the Company of Serpents second release, Of The Flock.

Billy Anderson behind the desk (albeit remotely) steps up the production, adding a broader dynamic range with touches of subtlety and ambience (read twangy, buzzy acoustic guitar and strange background noises) but their sledgehammer to the head onlsaught of riffage and rasping vocals remain the consistent theme from the first album.

Ash Swamp opens the album and conjures a lonely radiola playing in a rundown barn before unleashing the pummelling riffs of Craven. Blood From Stone and Of the Flock are both slow burners with plenty of groove. The highlight of the album, Untied/Culling Essence from the Void, carries on thematically from Ash Swamp and is reminiscent of Seasons in the Abyss - luring us in with a haunting dissonant melody and snagging us with its relentlessly catchy hook.  Find the album here.

8). MONSTER MAGNET – Last Patrol (Napalm)
Highest Finish: 1, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
There had always been two major components of the Monster Magnet sound.  First, huge pounding rock n roll sleaze and second, Kirby-esque psychedelia.  The combination of these two forces helped create and define the stoner rock genre.  After their first three albums, Monster Magnet seemed to gravitate more toward the hard rock side of things, losing that careful balance by ever-increasing degrees.  Though the band never truly lost it's identifiable sound altogether, a return to psychedelic prominence becomes a welcome change, although there's still no balance!  'Last Patrol' is arguably the band's best record in about 18 years.  Here it is.

9). MAGIC CIRCLE – Magic Circle (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 20, Months on chart: 5
Words by Soggy Bob [Soggy Bog of Doom]
The first time I heard of Magic Circle was sometime in 2011. If I remember correctly they were opening up for Pilgrim somewhere in NYC. I dug the name (also that they were playing with Pilgrim) and looked them up on youtube. This is what I found!  MAGIC CIRCLE! EPIC song released before the record. I hastily ripped it from youtube and played it on my dopey show. Then I found out the self titled record was released via I swiftly ordered the CD and then the LP. God damn is this traditional doom/metal in the purest and finest form! This is six tracks of the best doom ive heard all year. While this is a new band, these fellas have been cranking out tunes in many other projects that would consider polar opposites of doom. However, they have the chemistry to write and man does it show. This isnt a plodding lurching slow moving record. Its got a few upbeat parts and songs. Definitely some nice contrast going on. Rapture and Scream Evil are prime examples. Brendan Radigans performance on these tracks are holy. There is so much passion in his voice its gives me goose bumps (I just gave you douche chills didn't I?). One of my favorite parts of the record is approx 1:48 of Scream Evil when the slow dirge picks up a bit of speed and Chris Corry Lays down a dramatic and powerful riff. Also during Rapture at the 2:00 mark theres a nice combination of Radigan laying down some vocals over a brief but effective lead by Corry. This is also done on the opening track Winter Light. Its sounds fucking awesome and a nice touch to both tunes.The lyrics on this record are magical and occult in their vibe. While the occult/magical/fantasy thing is being beaten to death in the doom world some bands can do it right. Magic Circle is one of them. Along with Alia O'brien (Blood Ceremony) and Dee Calhoun (Iron Man) Brendan Radigan put on one the best performances on a record in 2013. Its the main reason why Magic Circle's debut album is my favorite record of 2013.  Find it here.

10). IRON MAN – South of the Earth (Rise Above)
Highest Finish: 7, Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
A quarter of a century.  Finding the complimentary pieces, practicing, jamming, writing, gigging.  A quarter century's work has come down to this.  Guitarist Alfred Morris III has been a part of Iron Man for over 25 years, carrying the flag for what started as a Black Sabbath cover band and has evolved into its own diesel-chugging entity.  After all this time the pieces have come together brilliantly, perhaps perfectly.  Louis Strachan is the perfect complimentary bassist, rattling and thumping out wah-bent counterpoint to Morris's blues-drenched doom.  Dee Calhoun is the literate, articulate, rough-hewn voice of the band whose 'Screaming Mad' persona finds expression in righteous indignation as opposed to amp-jumping stage antics while drummer Mot Waldmann is the eye of the hurricane, providing that steady pulse the band needs.  A quarter century of work: finding the right pieces, practicing, jamming, gigging, has paid off on 'South of the Earth', the snapshot of a band in perfect form finding full expression in a wide-range of styles.  Find the album here.

11). GOATESS – Self-Titled (Svart)
Highest Finish: 1, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Psychedelic, stoner, doom, call it what you will, Goatess rattle the teeth, and blow minds in the process.  If there's such a subgenre as "hopeful doom", then Goatess have created it with this album, 'Goatess' always leaves me feeling uplifted, and I'm somehow better off for having listened to it.  It's the kind of album that lets you know, "yes there is doom, yes there is death, but there is still life beyond."  It's an impersonal survival, one where natural processes recycle the body and perhaps even the mind (the way the earth will absorb a body's nutrients once buried) like an enormous, psychedelic bureaucracy, cold and baffling.  Yet there is a kind of hope there and maybe, just maybe, some of that "life stuff" slips off into another dimension or universe.  That is where you will find Goatess, it's the stuff of doom that has slipped off from the life/death conveyor belt to create a universe all it's own.  Find the album here.

12). BEELZEFUZZ – Self-Titled (Church Within)
Highest Finish: 5, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
It's easy to forget that this is a debut album.  Like Goatess (see entry #11 above), Beelzefuzz took their time crafting the best, most complete album they could to introduce themselves to the world.  The band name is a play on words taken from the demon Beelzebub, associated with flying insects like flies and perhaps, bees.  As the name suggests, Beelzefuzz's sound is built around dark, doomy riffs, buzzing in a hive of ideas, dripping with honied melody but retaining a mischievous edge.  The song "Lotus Jam" is the perfect encapsulation of what this band is all about, their self-titled debut is a categorical triumph.  Link.

13). GOZU – The Fury of a Patient Man (Small Stone)
Highest Finish: 30, Months on chart: 1
Words by Pat Harrington (Electric Beard of Doom)
When it comes to Gozu, expect the unexpected...

I got The Fury Of A Patient Man the day Small Stone Records released it on Bandcamp. A huge fan of their SS debut, Locust Season, I was expecting more of them heavy, booty shaking grooves and sweet soulful serenades by the incomparable Marc Gaffney.

Then I heard Bald Bull...

Heavy as fuck, more in line with High On Fire than QOTSA, Gozu proved right away that they are more than a one trick pony. We quickly get back to those great grooves with Signed, Epstein’s Mom, but the speed comes back with a vengeance with Charles Bronson Pinchot. On and on it goes...

This album has it all, this band has it all. I’ve seen them live, they are heavier than you could ever imagine. Now with the addition of a third guitar, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. This album came out in April, I still go back to it on the regular and eagerly await the release on vinyl, which will include 2 bonus tracks!

Whether it’s the irreverent song titles, the incredibly diverse musical elements that formulate their sound, the surprisingly insightful lyrics of Marc Gaffney or the fretboard mastery of Doug Sherman, when it comes to Gozu, expect the unexpected. In fact, only one thing is certain, Gozu kicks ass... everytime!  Find the album here.

14). SASQUATCH – IV (Small Stone)
Highest Finish: 3, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
The first time I heard this album I thought it was vanilla.  Not too bad, but nothing special.  The second time I heard it I thought, this is actually pretty good!  The third time I heard it I was singing and grooving along with the record.  By the sixth or seventh listen I was ready to certify it as a classic and that's the mystique of Sasquatch, veteran savvy that eschews flashiness for tone, groove, melody and an overall satisfying and consistent aesthetic.  Find the album here.

15). SUBROSA – More Constant Than the Gods (Profound Lore)
Highest Finish: 10, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
SubRosa is currently in the midst of a lineup change, so 'More Constant ...' ended up being bassist Christian Creek's swan song with the band.  Taking his place is Huldra's Levi Hanna.  It remains to be seen how the band intends to introduce their newest member to the record buying public or if the band plans to quickly follow up on this epic, occult-y, doomy, ethereal, spectral, haunting and inspiring record to indeed become more constant than the gods.  They have hinted that that just may be the case.  Until then, there's 'More Constant' to continue to familiarize ourselves with, it's a nearly endlessly rewarding listen which always reveals a deeper truth, a different facet and a hidden meaning on each successive spin.  Find the album here.

16). UZALA – Tales of Blood & Fire (King of the Monsters)
Highest Finish: 7, Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
My Uzala shirt came in the mail this past week.  But whose shirt exactly am I wearing?  For one thing, this is the band with arguably the strangest name on this or any other chart.  They're a three piece band featuring the husband and wife duo of Chad Remains and Darcy Nutt from noted doom metal hot bed Boise, Idaho, and are joined in a long distance relationship by drummer Chuck Watkins from Portland, OR.  Clean, melodic and often haunting vocals meet a raggedy cacophony of deep toned noise.  'Tales of Blood and Fire' (the cover of which graces the t-shirt) is an excellent five-song collection of epic, sludgy doom.  Find the album here.

17). ORCHID – The Mouths of Madness (Nuclear Blast)
Highest Finish: 2, Months on chart: 5
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
Heading the retro 70’s doom brigade, Orchid pulled on their best Sabbath boots and stomped over the opposition with help from Nuclear Blast.  All the stops are pulled out - a massive sounding and modern production bring a crystal clear clarity to the songs which sound big and expansive. Bells, harmonica breaks and atmospheric effects show that the band having a ball flying the “Occult Rock” tag.  Melodic riffs give the tracks bounce and groove whilst there is some great soloing that brings in a stoner edge to drive things along. Vocals are clear and precise which suit the music perfectly.

The big sticking point with this album will be how much you want to hear “Technical Ecstasy” or “Never Say Die” played by a different band.  That, dear reader, will decide how much you like this album.  Find the album here.

18). BLACK SABBATH – 13 (Vertigo)
Highest Finish: 4, Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Like our (tied for) #1 album from Vista Chino, Sabbath's first album with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals in 34 years was initially met with mixed reactions.  The difference is, Vista Chino finally seemed to have found its footing and acceptance among the stoner crowd while Sabbath pundits remain largely skeptical.  Okay, that's putting it mildly.  Questionable personnel decisions, album title, artistic direction, production, song writing, performance: it seemed nobody involved with the creation of this album was spared the rod (with the exception of Geezer Butler).  Some listeners however, took it for what it's worth.  It's only appropriate that '13' should sit right next to Orchid on this year end chart as some of the liveliest discussions to be had all year revolved around the inherent merits (or lack thereof) of those two divisive bands and their latest albums.  Find it here.

19). CHURCH OF MISERY – Thy Kingdom Scum (Rise Above)
Highest Finish: 4, Months on chart: 6
Words by Gruesome Greg [Gruesome Views]
This is actually the third-time I’ve written about this record for a year-end top albums list. You could say I like it a lot. There’s just something about the combination of bass-heavy grooves and serial-killer lyrics—even if they’re mostly unintelligible—that gets me every time. Sure, they take the foundation first laid by Black Sabbath, but they put their own twisted spin with some down-and-dirty sounds that will blow even a decent pair of speakers. In fact, I’d go as far as to say Thy Kingdom Scum is 13 times better than 13. No wonder Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t pick up the phone to get them their U.S. touring visas in time.
  Find it here.

20). CARCASS – Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast)
Highest Finish: 28, Months on chart: 1
Words by Katharina Pfeiffer (Psychorizon)
Growing up on Death Metal on a large part and my early memories including certain timeless riffs created in the shifting years between the 80s and 90s, the majority of records I do listen to from that particular genre have been spawned onto the face of the earth somewhen between 1988 and 1996. For many years to come there would have been somewhat of a gap concerning "big asskicking" albums, forcing disciples to a recurring rotation of maybe a handfull of releases and an inevitable state of boredom or even resentment...the long-awaited return of one of the most defining bands for both Death AND Grind finally come upon us in 2013 and CARCASS's latest outlet “Surgical Steel” is the since missing gem, that conveys the most brutal face of Metal into the present and most likely the future. Returning to his anatomy studies, Jeff Walker presents some of the most demanding lyrics and songtitles since. Along with the ever so youthful and abrasively vivid riffs of his fellow legend Bill Steer, it seems as though CARCASS have never been away. Aside from their studio shenanigans, CARCASS re-entered the touring department, so far only support-wise, but the four shows I was able to witness, displayed their mere genius and a playful precision many a young band would gladly be presenting. And just in case, you haven't got your hands on a copy of “Surgical Steel” yet, I strongly recommend the standard jewelcase version – even though a digi-pack is always more desirable – as the final track on this one being “Mount Of Execution”, which to me is the perfect ending to this masterpiece.  Find it here.

21). CURSE THE SON – Psychache (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 4, Months on chart: 3
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
This had been reviewed on blogs for a good 5 months before I actually got into this. Straight away I put on my pair of horse hair-pants to make up for my stupid oversight.  Thick riffs set the backbone up for a surprisingly melodic mix of doom/stoner with lashing of extra fuzz being thrown into the mix.  Warm thick tones wash over you as heavy, hypnotic mantras are played out. There are no real solos on show, just solid, nod-making riffs which do not lift straight from Sleep or Sabbath but forge their own path into the swampy world we like listening to.  Clean vocals nicely balanced in the mix remain quite serene throughout, giving a stark contrast to the solid wall of sound being churned out by the other instruments.  Controlled power with a warm human touch, what’s not to like?  Find the album here.

22). BEASTWARS  – Blood Becomes Fire (Self-Released / Destroy)
Highest Finish: 6, Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
No surprise finding this album on this list, the roster of the doom chart list contributors was crafted with this album in mind in regard to style/taste and potential for exposure.  In a way, this is like fulfilling a prophecy.  But why the prophecy, why the emphasis?  Beastwars cuts across the various subgenres associated with doom in a balanced way, it's the perfect album in so many ways.  Beastwars take the unbridled chaotic ferocity of a High on Fire and controls it beautifully, framing the tempest within a pop song structure while leaving the listener stunned and blessed with a crazy storyline that's one part '2001: A Space Odyssey' and one part 'Xenozoic Tales'.  Buy it.

23). RED FANG – Whales & Leeches (Reprise)
Highest Finish: 3, Months on chart: 2
Words by Gruesome Greg [Gruesome Views]
Duuuuude, did I just see Red Fang on Letterman last night!? Sure enough, there they were at 12:30 am, playing “Blood Like Cream” with Paul Shaffer on keys. There’s no question that Whales and Leeches is meant to be the record that breaks these guys big, what with its catchy, radio-friendly singles…but then it takes a Beatles-on-acid detour with some seven-minute tracks that show these guys can still doom out with their tomb out. And really, is there a better cultural ambassador for Portland than Red Fang? Hey, if these guys do to the Rose City what Nirvana did for Seattle, well, I could live with a buncha Red Fang clone bands running around…although they’d probably drink all the beer.  Find the album here.

24). BLACK CAPRICORN – Born Under the Capricorn (Stone Stallion Rex / Voice of Azram)
Highest Finish: 19, Months on chart: 1
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
Another find from the sprawling Italian doom scene and Black Capricorn come at you with a fist full of 70’s fuzzed, warm and deep sounds with riffs that make sure your attention never strays.  Guitars are to the max and with wah-wahs on overdrive - solos are flying around but with taste and meaning - no empty theatrics here ..... simple but oh, so effective and spine-tingling.  Synths, sound effects and haunting harmonica are skillfully used to create atmospherics but without going down the Hammer films route.  Lyrics are delivered with cleanish, strong vocals and are able to convey a sense of unearthly delights in this mortal existence.  Song structures are simple but strong - always paying attention to the mighty riff.  Oh yeah, it also rocks like a bastard.  Find the album here.

25). KYLESA – Ultraviolet (Season of Mist)
Highest Finish: 11, Months on chart: 3
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
After “Spiral Shadow” came out in 2010, I thought that Kylesa were in danger of just churning out the same album again and again.  Ultraviolet proved me wrong - big time baby! This is a band that have delivered the album they always had the potential to produce.  The double drum kits have been captured with a dense sound that gives a dynamic barrage of motion that the rest of the band can play on. These tracks are lean and mean, no sprawling epics but short burst of power and fury that have the full range of punk/sludge/hardcore and old fashioned rock that makes this band so appealing.  Cope and Pleasants share vocal duties but with Laura Pleasants delivering screams, croons and throaty singing to counter point Copes bellowing, they have truly meshed into a juggernaut of song writing.  As always the guitars are to the front to bring the savage tunes to their conclusion and with flourishes of little riffs, fills and economic solos, finish off what should be a huge stepping stone in the career of Kylesa.  Find it here.

26). TOMBSTONES – Red Skies & Dead Eyes (Soulseller)
Highest Finish: 12, Months on chart: 1 / Link
27). KRÖWNN – Hyborian Age (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 12, Months on chart: 2 / Link
28). DEVIL – Gather the Sinners (Soulseller)
Highest Finish: 8, Months on chart: 4 / Link
29). MOUNTAIN WITCH – Cold River (This Charming Man)
Highest Finish: 5, Months on chart: 2 / Link
30). CULT OF OCCULT – Hic Est Domus Diaboli (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 5, Months on chart: 3 / Link
31). JEX THOTH – Blood Moon Rise (I Hate)
Highest Finish: 13, Months on chart: 2 / Link
32). LUMBAR – The First and Last Days of Unwelcome (Southern Lord)
Highest Finish: 2, Months on chart: 1 / Link
33). EARTHLESS – From the Ages (Tee Pee)
Highest Finish: 4, Months on chart: 2 / Link
34). ATLANTEAN KODEX – The White Goddess (Cruz Del Sur)
Highest Finish: 24, Months on chart: 1 / Link
35). HOLLOW LEG – Abysmal (Last Anthem)
Highest Finish: 8, Months on chart: 3 / Link
36). PURSON – The Circle and the Blue Door (Rise Above)
Highest Finish: 24, Months on chart: 1 / Link
37). HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN  – Self-Titled (Svart)
Highest Finish: 10, Months on chart: 1 / Link
38). MOTHERSHIP – Self-Titled (Ripple Music)
Highest Finish: 19, Months on chart: 1 / Link
39). BLOOD RED WATER – All the Ills of Mankind (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 12, Months on chart: 2 / Link
40). BORRACHO – Oculus (Self-Released)
Highest Finish: 5, Months on chart: 3 / Link

A rousing ovation for the Doom Charts contributors:
Dr. Abner Mality [Wormwood Chronicles], Arttu Savy, A.S. Van Dorston [Fast n' Bulbous], Bill Goodman [The Soda Shop], Blasting D [Blasting Days], Cameron Crichton [Motherslug], Cheryl Prime [Cvlt Nation], Clint [Hand of Doom Radio], Craig Hayes [Six Noises], Dennis [Blasting Days], The Grime [Ripple Effect], Gruesome Greg [Hellbound], Joop Konraad [Stoner Hive], Justin Gish [Forte], Katharina Pfeiffer [Psychorizon], LK Ultra, Mats Florstam [Ozium Records], Nuclear Dog [Heavy Planet], Pat Harrington [Electric Beard of Doom], Phil Howlett [Rote Mare], Racer [The Ripple Effect], Richard Maw [Sludgelord], Robin [Stonerobixxx], Rod Reinhart [Captain Beyond Zen], Scott aka Dr. Space [Scott's Music Reviews], Soggy Bob [Soggy Bog of Doom], Steph LS [Temple of Perdition], Steve Howe [Sludgelord], Steve Miller [Temple of Perdition], Stonerhead [Stonerhead Let Groove Your Brains Tonight], Tony Maim [Black Insect Laughter], Ulla Roschat [The Wicked Lady Show]

Thank you all!!!!!

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