Wednesday, 26 February 2014

SOGGY BOB Reviews Blackfinger - Self-Titled

Words by SOGGY BOB 

It's great to hear Eric Wagner at it again. No longer with doom legends Trouble, Wagner is still kicking ass in Blackfinger. Their self titled release is out now on Church Within Records and can be ordered here 

I love this record. Id say this record has more of a Lid (a band Eric was in after he left Trouble in the 90's) feel to it than Trouble. There's a definite Pink Floydian / Beatles vibe throughout the album. Vocally, one thing that really impresses me about this lp are the dynamics. There's a great mix of heavier rocking tunes with some somber slower runes. Even within the songs themselves there's a simple complexity (what?) about them. One example is the tune "As Long as I'm with You". While its title may make the listener think they are about to hear a happy upbeat track, it's actually a very sad depressing sounding song. The piano, strings and Eric's softer spoken voice really make this a very touching song. One of the best on the record. Another one of my favorites is a heavier tune "Why God?" 

There's so much to dig about one. The riffs have a great catchy swagger about them and Eric's chorus is one you won't forget soon. It will get stuck between your ears and sit there for a long time. But again it's the dynamics of the song that makes it so bad ass. You'll just have to hear it for yourself. From the first to last track there's not a filler on the album. So go buy the Blackfinger debut you will NOT be disappointed. You can also see them at this years Day of the Doomed Fest! Buy tix here!

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