Sunday, 2 February 2014

Doom Chart: Most Paranoid Albums of 02/01/14

Top 30 Albums
#). artist - album title
Cover artwork by John Hitselberger.
  1. Demon Eye - Leave the Light
  2. Breathe Fire - EP
  3. Satan's Satyrs - Wild Beyond Belief
  4. The Great Electric Quest - Chapter II EP
  5. Blackwitch Pudding - Taste the Pudding
  6. Buzzherd - On Sinking Ships ... Rats Drown
  7. Moosataur - ST
  8. Earth Witch - Earthbound EP
  9. Blizaro - Strange Doorways
  10. Black Majik Acid - ST
  11. Doctor Cyclops - Oscuropasso
  12. Sangoma - Diviner
  13. Ancient Warlocks - ST
  14. Sonic Mass - All Creatures Strange
  15. Doctor Smoke - ST EP
  16. *The Electric Revival - Pirate Radio
  17. Dirt Wizard - No Son of Mine
  18. Wizard Union - Smoking Coffins
  19. Vykanthrope - The Devil's Waiting
  20. Stone Dagger - The Siege of Jerusalem
  21. Earthbound Machine - Hungerland***
  22. Naked Brown - Not So Bad***
  23. Clan - EP 2013***
  24. Destroyer of Light - Bizarre Tales Vol. 2***
  25. Birch Crown - ST
  26. Nigromante - Black Magic Night
  27. Ordos - ST
  28. Lizardia - ST
  29. Slown - Cosmic Hellrock Deluxe
  30. Funeral Horse - Savage Audio Demon
*Album available on itunes but is to be re-released by Cruzar Media on Feb. 14.
*** New Listing

PARANOID Spotlight on:
BIRCH CROWN – ‘Birch Crown’
Birch Crown is a one man doom project from Gorizia, Italy, a city on the Italian - Slovenian border.  The "one man" in question may be familiar to some of you from the band Deep [featured here], who released their album 'Vol. 1' on bandcamp last summer, and which was recently released in physical format by Transubstans Records.  But musically, Birch Crown has little to nothing to do with Deep.

Birch Crown Doom is deep to be sure, intense, traditional and inimitable all at once, doom borne of a singular vision wherein riffs bloom and branch off in unexpected patterns in an organic, one might say tree-like fashion and drums are an afterthought.  In fact, it might take a couple listens to realize that there are "drum tracks" on every song, these being little more than click tracks.  It's hard to even call these drums "percussive elements" because "percussion" implies some kind of resonance of which there is none to be found here.  Don't let the lack of drums turn you off however, the seductiveness of Birch Crown lies in its foresty, almost folky feelings.  This is no picnic in the woods however, an element of mortal danger lingers overhead of every moment of this 7-track album like the sword of Damocles.

Birch Crown is slowly making an impact in the world of underground doom metal and I wonder if and when we'll hear again from this unusual project.  I certainly hope so.  I also wonder if and when a drummer will be added to the mix and how that might change things.  For now there's 'Birch Crown', an unconventional doom album with unconventional ideas and unconventional riffs that hits that sweet spot of being lost in the darkening woods just before sunset.  The album is holding the #25 spot on this week's list, that's where you'll find the album by clicking through the link ...

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