Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hour of Power 01/24/14

  1. Thundersnow in Venice (Blood Red Water / All the Ills of Mankind)
  2. Empty Sky (The Devil Rides Out / Ugly Creatures)*
  3. Tango Decadence (Kamchatka / The Search Goes On) PRE
  4. Stuck (Occult Wisdom / TBAPRE
  5. Charge of the Witch Goddess [live] (Black Majik Acid / ST)
  6. Ocular Terror [live] (Black Majik Acid / ST)
  7. Judgement - Final Rites (Fosforus / Annihilation of the AbsolutePRE
  8. Wake Me (Sungod / STPRE
  9. Super Sluts from Outer Space (Blackwitch Pudding / Taste the Pudding)
  10. The Endless Void (Moosataur / ST)
*This is the culmination of a long project in which The Devil Rides Out released a unique film clip for all 5 songs from their 'Ugly Creatures' EP.  Find the other videos on the links below:
2). Empty Sky (see above)

 PRE = Pre-Release / Not yet available

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