Friday, 17 January 2014

Hour of Power 01/17/14

  1. Forbidden Zombi Ritual (Destroyer of Light / Bizarre Tales Vol. 2) PRE
  2. Surrealist Appearance (Radar Men from the Moon / Strange Waves GalorePRE
  3. Ethereal Riffian 'Aeolian' Promo PRE
  4. Blood Like Cream [Live on Letterman] (Red Fang / Whales & Leeches)
  5. The Lasting Dose [Live] (Crowbar / Sonic  Excess In Its Purest Form)
  6. The Wounded Kings 'Consolamentum' teaser PRE
  7. Legends [iphone demo] (Dryasdust / TBAPRE
  8. Swamp Machine 'Mondo Magic' preview PRE
  9. Avaritia (Tempel / On the Steps of the Temple) PRE
  10. Apsara (Nibiru / NETRAYONI: Ritual I The Kaula's Circle)
  11. The Hidden Masters (The Sword / Apocryphon)
 PRE = Pre-Release / Not yet available

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