Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sandveiss - Scream Queen (album review)

Cover artwork by Alexandre Goulet.
Review by Love Among Ruins

Newcomers Sandveiss just might have something real special with their full length debut release 'Scream Queen'.  Just released on December 11, the album consists of 8 tracks at just under 40 mins.  Sandveiss is a four piece group that formed just 2 years ago in Quebec City, Canada.  Current members are vocalist & guitarist Luc Bourgeois, with Shawn Rice who is also on guitar and Daniel Girard on bass & the drums are played by Dzemal Trtak.  They released a 4 track EP/Demo CD back in 2012 with the band’s original vocalist François Couture who left the band in May 2013 leaving their only guitarist Bourgeois taking over vocal duties.  At that point the decision was made to bring in a second guitar player and they asked Shawn Rice to join, now completing Sandveiss’ current line-up. Inspired by everything from classic rock to heavy metal bands from the 60’s/70’s/80’s to the stoner rock and doom bands of today.  They say they get their musical influences from bands such as, Black Sabbath, Mountain, Pentagram, The Melvins, Kyuss and Nirvana.

This debut album from Sandveiss is a rather impressive release, and a big surprise as they come flying in under the music radar.  This is the kind of album that gets me excited, and as I heard one person describe it as 'exhilarating'.  It's just a constant throw down of in your face, straight up hard rock. With nice catchy melodies, clean vocals and lots of guitar riffs with a strong rhythm section holding it together very nicely. 
I don't think there is one track I don't like, but there were some real standout moments.  Opening up with a catchy number called "Blindsided" that immediately caught my attention with meaty bass lines and great guitar melodies.  Seriously good vocal delivery by Luc Bourgeois, this guy has the goods! He has clean yet passionate vocals and I would go as far to say I found him to be one of the best vocalists from a debut album that I have heard this year.  I also really enjoyed the track titled "Scar" at about the halfway point is an intense riff-fest showing off their excellent guitar skills.  "Bottomless Lies" my favorite track, with strong grunge influences and what sounds like a Jerry Cantrell lick on the guitar. There is a definite Alice in Chains sound that makes this song a big standout for me and I may just put it in my 'Best Songs of 2013'.

Then closing out this great album is "Green For Good" at 6:23 it is full of all the goods.  Long guitar solos, nice riffs & hooks showing a strong ending to this very impressive album.   Overall, this album sounds like it was produced by a band that has been playing together for years by maintaining that quality of sound and creativeness that is not often found with such a young band. This debut album looks very promising for Sandveiss.  

Highlights include: "Bottomless Lies" and "Blindsided"

Rating: 4.5/5

1). Blindsided (6:24)
2). Do You Really Know  (4:30)
3). Untie Me  (2:53)
4). Scar  (5:57)
5). The Bomb  (4:16)
6). Bottomless Lies  (4:23)
7). Dead Man Stare  (5:04)
8). Green For Gold  (6:23)
Total Run Time: 39:52

Luc Bourgeois - Vocals & Guitar
Shawn Rice - Guitar
Daniel Girard - Bass
Dzemal Trtak - Drums

From: Quebec City, QC

Genre: Stoner, Grunge, Hard Rock

Reminds me of: Alice in Chains, Buffalo Theory MTL, Death Ape Disco, Tsar Bomba

Release Date: December 8, 2013

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  2. This album is REALLY good.


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