Sunday, 22 December 2013

Doom Chart: Most Paranoid Albums of 12/21/13

Top 30 Albums
#). artist - album title
  1. Doctor Smoke - ST EP
  2. Uzala - Tales of Blood & Fire
  3. In the Company of Serpents - Of The Flock
  4. Mountain Witch - Cold River
  5. Hollow Leg - Abysmal
  6. Blizaro - Strange Doorways
  7. Brimstone Coven - II
  8. Arrowhead - Atomsmasher
  9. Tombstones - Red Skies & Dead Eyes
  10. Wounded Giant - Lightning Medicine
  11. Iron Man - South of the Earth
  12. Black Skies - Circadian Meditations
  13. Crypt Trip - ST EP
  14. SubRosa - More Constant Than the Gods
  15. Sonic Mass - All Creatures Strange
  16. Sasquatch - IV
  17. Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only
  18. Blackwitch Pudding - Taste the Pudding
  19. Velvet Robe - Night Soil
  20. Argus - Beyond the Martyrs
  21. Satan's Satyrs - Wild Beyond Belief***
  22. Ancient Warlocks - ST***
  23. Motörhead - Aftershock***
  24. Asomvel - Knuckle Duster***
  25. Sandveiss - Scream Queen***
  26. Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
  27. Zemial - Nykta
  28. Mammatus - Heady Mental
  29. The Great Electric Quest - Chapter II EP
  30. Goya - 777
*** New Album

PARANOID Spotlight on:

Still hanging on at #17 after being some months in the rotation, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals's 'Walk Through Exits Only' is an instant classic.

So where do you even begin talking about it?  Let's just stick to the basics.

Between a successful tour and run of highly publicized shows on the festival circuit with his other band Down and a horror / metal festival in Austin this past Halloween it's fair to say that Phil Anselmo is enjoying a career resurgence the likes of which he hasn't seen since his days as vocalist for chart-topping groove metal act Pantera.  2013 also saw the debut of Phil Anselmo, solo artist.  It's a safe assumption that his solo efforts took most observers by surprise with their ferocity, stripped down honesty and most of all by their quality.  The first time hearing the song "Conflict" from the split E.P. he and the Illegals did with Warbeast for example is like stepping on a rake.  Whack!

On '... Exits Only' Anselmo takes any expectations you might have had and crumples them into a tight little ball, then uncrumples them, lays them out flat and sets to work on them with a pair of scissors.  Then crumples the pieces up once again and eats them in a display of witty, apeshit fury.

'Walk Through Exits Only' is a bit of a grower, but even on first listen it's obvious that this is a game-changing metal album.  Once it does find its footing and you find yourself unable to shake some of the lines and choruses from your head, it's basically impossible to exorcise from your mind completely.  Clever catchiness and uncompromising heaviness push aggressive tendencies to the forefront from the word go.  This album will take your lunch money over and over and over again.

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