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SOGGY BOB reviews Iron Man - South of the Earth (album review)

Here's something special:  A review of one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite personalities within the world of doom.  SOGGY BOB of the SOGGY BOG OF DOOM podcast reviews Iron Man's 'South of the Earth' record!!!  Only on Paranoid Hitsophrenic ... - LK Ultra

So the latest full length album by Iron Man, "South of the Earth", came out a few month ago on Rise Above and Metal Blade Records. Since then, there have been many fantastic records released. But after checking out these new releases I consistantly find myself popping on this new Iron Man crusher! This is the best signing Rise Above has made in years. There is nothing pretentious about this. What I love about Iron man is that they are what they are and what you expect them to be, fucking doom metal from Maryland done right.

The opening track "South of the Earth" starts this beat down with a pummeling barrage of riffs that render you into a senseless dribbling cabbage. Its goddamn beautiful. One day I hope to see them play this tune live just so I can see the building collapse around me when doom lord Al Morris III breaks into his lead and Screamng Mad Dee busts out his big bad ass banshee-on-crank like scream. Shit can break when he does that. 

My personal favorite tracks on this release are "Whore in Confesssion","Hail to the Haze", "IISOEO (The Day of the Beast)", "Half-Face / Thy Brother's Keeper (Dunwich Pt. 2)" and the aforementioned "South of the Earth". But honestly there's no weak track on the album. The tasty drums of Mot Waldmann and perfect sounding bass of Louis Strachan drive this album like John Riggins running through a pop warner team. There's no one left standing. 

Overall this album is great dynamic heavy album. Heavy riffs, devastating rhythm section and an elite vocalist who writes some mighty fine lyrics are a recipe for album of the year to me.

So there it is!  Thank you Soggy Bob for taking the time to do this, myself and (I'm sure) the band appreciates it immensely!!  Be sure to check the album out at the link below ... I LOVE THIS RECORD!!!! - LK Ultra

1). South of the Earth (5:55)
2). Hail to the Haze (4:50)
3). A Whore in Confession (6:26)
4). The Worst and Longest Day (6:16)
5). Ariel Changed the Sky (2:11)
6). IISOEO (The Day of the Beast) (4:44)
7). Half-Face / Thy Brother's Keeper (Dunwich, Pt. 2) (7:40)
8). In The Velvet Darkness (5:02)
9). The Ballad of Ray Garraty (7:22)
Total Run Time: 50:21

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Genre: Doom Metal, Hard Rock

Release Date: October 1, 2013

Iron Man on facebook


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