Sunday, 9 December 2012

In Case You Missed It (News)

ITEM! Albino Python, who whet our collective appetites this summer with their insanely catchy first song "The Haunter of the Dark" have returned with two new songs on their bandcamp page here.  The songs are "Through Dead Black Eyes" and "Black Sunday".  Their full-length debut was expected this past halloween but has been pushed back due to health issues.  They plan on finishing and releasing the album in the near future.  Follow the news on their facebook here.

ITEM! UK Doomsmiths Moss are set to release their third full length album on Rise Above / Metal Blade next year and as a teaser the marmalade-thick and slow band has released an unmastered excerpt from the title track of the forthcoming opus, "Horrible Nights".  Listen / Download / Share on their bandcamp page here.  Or you can find them on their facebook page here.

ITEM! The great Chad Davis (Hour of 13, SET, Anu, and many, many other bands) has posted a youtube video promo for a new project called Witchcoven. The song is called "House of Death" and it is killer. Midtempo traditional doom with a great riff and terrific vocals courtesy of Etienne Chelleri. The video description reads:

"Join WITCHCOVEN in a trip back to the days of depravity and mystical times with their brand of pure 100% DOOM METAL!!

Etienne Chelleri - Vocals / Lyrics

Chad Davis - Instruments / Music"

Watch the video below:

ITEM! In other Chad Davis related news, another of his more recent projects, The Sabbathian has recently undergone a change.  But out of change comes intriguing opportunity.  Jess of Jess and the Ancient Ones was to handle the vocal duties for the band but has pulled out of the project, so in turn the band is searching for a replacement.  The man himself posted this exciting message:

"As of today, November 27th, The Sabbathian is in search of a suitable vocalist. Jess will not be performing the vocal duties due to prior engagements and time constraints. I do wish her all the best!

So, if you think you have what it takes to be part of The Sabbathian, contact us here." - via Facebook.

ITEM! Zosimos released a new song called "The Observer", which means their self-titled demo is now five tracks long.  Also, they re-sequenced it so they now open with "Dry Hex" rather than close with it, and so on.  Read my review here.  Listen / download / share from their bandcamp page here.  Drop them a message or "like" them on their facebook page here.

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