Sunday, 16 December 2012

In Case You Missed It 12/16/12

Hello, True Believers!  Plenty of big names releasing new material in the past couple weeks including GHOST, GOZU, EGYPT & MOSS (see last weeks news) among many others.  Next week ALICE IN CHAINS & DEATH SS each have new singles ready to drop!  But until then, there's plenty to keep you busy and satisfied.  Enjoy ...

ITEM! German primitive doom band ATOMIC CRIES are releasing a 7" single on Svart records on January 11, but both sides are streaming and available for download from bandcamp right now.  The two tracks are "False Prophecies" and "The Atheist" and are slow and heavy as molten lead.  The single even has its own name, like an album 'Suspended Between The Mouth Of God And The Fist Of Man'.

ITEM! N. Dakota's very own Doom-meisters, EGYPT are back with two tracks streaming on bandcamp.  The tracks are "Orb of the Wizardking", a powerhouse of doom and "Snakecharmer", a killer hard rock number.  Both songs are taken from their forthcoming album entitled 'Become the Sun', which the band hopes will be out before year's end.  Find them on facebook and stay tuned for news of the album's official release here.

ITEM! GHOST are back with a new song!  They've posted it up on a really cool website that you can scroll around on one of six different images of candles to isolate each instrumental track from the overall mix.  The band is ready to re-emerge in a second incarnation with a new persona up front, that of Papa Emeritus II (same guy, new incarnation).  Is this the David Bowie of metal? Really cool stuff.  The song is called "Secular Haze" and be prepared as it begins playing automatically and there's no pause function.  Great organ driven rock.  Watch the ceremonial passing of the mantle of Papa Emeritus and a live performance of "Secular Haze" from just yesterday in Linskoping, Sweden below...

ITEM! Small Stone records is streaming the first two songs from the new GOZU album, 'The Fury of a Patient Man' on bandcamp.  The songs are "Bald Bull" and "Signed, Epstein's Mom" and they're both ragers.  No news yet on when the entire album will be up for streaming / download but for now both tracks are available for $1 download.  The rest of the tracklist is up there as well with song lengths so you can get an idea of what the rest of the album might be like.  I can't wait to hear "The Ceaseless Thunder of Surf" at 23:34, wonder if it's not a 'hidden track'.

ITEM! The great HOUR OF 13 has premiered their new music video for the extremely infectious "Who's To Blame?" from their latest effort '333' on the Revolver magazine website.  Here's what main man Chad Davis had to say about the promo:

“I am proud to offer our first professional video for fans worldwide, It was an interesting experience, to say the least, but fun, and the final edit of the video is quite effective. I would like to thank those who made this video possible, and I hope it’s the first in many to come.”

You'll also find some great insight into the project by vocalist Phil Swanson on the Soda Shop.

ITEM! German "psychedelic-organ-strange-shroom-doom" band TALIS have released a vocal version of their (instrumental) song "Night of the Dancing Witch" from the G.L.O.T. EP.  The vocals are provided by Christina Poupoutsi of the UK electro metal band THE HIGHER CRAFT.  The song itself, as the man said, remains the same.  You can find the song here.  Or you can just grab the entire EP, including the new track here.

ITEM! French stoner/doom band A VERY OLD GHOST BEHIND THE FARM have a split album with none other than WHEELFALL coming December 21.  You can hear "Back to the Skull River", one of the six songs from the split (3 a-piece, this one by AVOGBTF) right here, and AVOGBTF has announced a new track will be unveiled tomorrow as well.  Stay tuned to the news on the band's Facebook.  WHEELFALL have also streamed a track of their own from the split on their bandcamp page, the track is called "Hundred Blank Stares".

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