Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Doom Charts for 12/26/12

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Haywire (Gandhi's Gunn / The Longer the Beard the Harder the Sound)
  2. Blackbird (Dwellers / Good Morning Harakiri)
  3. Modern World (The Bad Light / Marrow of Sound)
  4. Rock 'n' Rollin Maailma (Seremonia / ST)
  5. Searching (Three Seasons / Understand The World)
  6. Tribe of the Cosmic Crow Giant (Spectral Haze / ST Demo)
  7. elf[11] (Mount Fuji / ST)
  8. Circle Eater (Harvester / The Blind Summit Recordings)
  9. Cosmic Cruiser X (Mage / Black Sands)
  10. Centauri Teenage Riot (Indian Handcrafts / Civil Disobedience for Losers)
  11. Cosmonauts (Axxicorn / 7" single)
  12. Everything Divine (Seamount / Earthmother)*
  13. Can't Get Where I Belong (Mos Generator / Nomads)*
  14. At Midnight [I'll Steal Your Soul] (From Beyond / The Color Out of Space EP)*
  15. House of Death (Witchcoven)*
  16. Jack Staff (Greenleaf / Nest of Vipers)*
  17. Season of Decay (Ice Dragon / Season of Decay single)
  18. I Am Thunder (Mammoth Thunderpower / I Am Thunder EP)
  19. Rivertown (Bison, Bison / ST)
  20. The Job (Five Horse Johnson / The Taking of Blackheart)*
  21. Anxiety Puke / Lovelessness (Bison B.C. / Lovelessness)
  22. The Same Way (Corrosion of Conformity / ST [bonus tracks])
  23. Two Gods / Caput Algol (Electric Taurus / 7" single)
  24. Amaranth [demo] (Windhand / Hymns from the House of Horror comp.)
  25. Understanding Ouroboros (Ice Dragon / A Gallery of Rogues comp.)
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
"Damn The Sky" by Beastwars
"The Curse is a Lie" by Down
"Forgotten Past" by Kadavar
"Horsepuncher" by Lord of the Grave
"Nobody Knows" by Sun Gods in Exile
"Dry Hex" by Zosimos

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