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2012 Chronicle (Year in review) part 4 - Best of April

April 1 - DESTROYER OF LIGHT (ST) - These sludgy Texan doomsmiths created a collection of 6 terrific songs with horror-themed lyrics.  Tales of swamp creatures, virgin sacrifice and vampires among other nerd-salivating subjects infuse this project with a sense of fun and makes for a satisfying listen.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Greet Death" and "The Virgin".  Rating 4/5

April 1 - The Socks (Bedrock EP)

April 1 - TENTACLE (Void Abyss) - This is Ice Dragon's super heavy, crushing alter ego.  Their first release as Tentacle was a rarity for the band as they released it on CD on a limited run of 100 (now sold out).  The CD came with a bonus track that is as good as anything else on the EP.  Super heavy and aggressive sound.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Alone In My Grave" and "The Ruler Of All Space And Time".  Rating 4/5

April 4 - Buey (Universe Bellowing)

April 9 - Sun Eater (ST)

April 12 - Iron Hills (Famine)

April 14 - SLUT MACHINE (From Blind to Blue) - French stoner quintet Slut Machine returned with their third release, a 4 song EP, a basement recording, that was a solid effort all the way through, unleashing a whirlwind of fuzz and pounding rhythms.  Any band named after a Monster Magnet song can't be all bad can they?  Get From Blind To Blue here.  Highlights include "Collapse" and "Cosmic Monster".  Rating 4/5

April 16 - BABY WOODROSE (Third Eye Surgery) - Dutch psych peddlers Baby Woodrose have been around for a while but this was my introduction to the band.  I was struck immediately by the genuineness of their late 60s inspired psychedelic rock.  Mainman Lorenzo Woodrose sounds like a cross between Stevie Winwood and Arthur Lee.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Nothing Is Real" and "Just A Ride".  Rating 4/5

April 17 - UFOMAMMUT (ORO: Opus Primum) - A single song consisting of 10 tracks, two albums and 90 minutes may sound pretentious and self-indulgent on the surface, but it doesn't come across that way.  The Italian psychlords have always been known for being able to create private little worlds, again they unleashed an album to lose oneself in.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Infearnatural" and "Empireum".  Rating 4/5

April 18 - MOONLESS (Calling All Demons) - One of the most accomplished debuts of the year.  Danish four-piece Moonless released a relentless heavy rock assault with elements of stoner doom.  Every riff should be preserved and displayed in a museum for all time for educational purposes.  This is how you make bad ass heavy rock and roll.  Three Top 5 hits in the Doom Charts including the chart-topping title track, one of the best of the year.  So good I bought it twice, read the Weekly Mailbag in which I received 'Calling All Demons'.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Calling All Demons" and "Mark Of The Dead".  Rating 5/5

April 20 - Astroll (ST)

April 20 - Black Shape of Nexus (Negative Black)

April 21 - Law of the Tongue (ST)

April 23 - PARADISE LOST (Tragic Idol) - This one took a while to grow on me so consequently I came late to the party on this one, once again.  Once I got into it though, I couldn't stop listening to it.  The band's sound has changed a lot since the days of 'Gothic', but the feeling or mood of the band is more tangible than ever.  Find it here.  Highlights include "Honesty In Death" and "Crucify".  Rating 4/5

April 24 - Horisont (Second Assault)

April 24 - Sun Gods in Exile (Thanks For the Silver)

April 24 - -(16)- (Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds) - The Californian sludge veterans -(16)- re-emerged with their sixth full-length album in 20 years, and if the band themselves are to be trusted, it's their most accomplished album to date.  Possibly the favorite sludge album of the year at Paranoid Hitsophrenic, it's full of energy and memorable songs.  Get it here.  Highlights include "Her Little "Accident"" and "Theme From 'Pillpopper'".  Rating 4/5

April 27 - Dead Horse One (Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines)

April 27 - DÖDAREN (Maen)

April 27 - Gandhi's Gunn (The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound)

April 27 - SAINT VITUS (Lillie F-65) - The masters had returned and without missing a beat unleashed vintage Vitus to vitrify the villainous volumes of Vitus lovers worldwide.  New drummer Henry Vasquez infused the band with drive and renewed energy.  It's a concept album of sorts about drug addiction and the two instrumentals are organic to the plot.  They also serve to spotlight Dave Chandler's very distinctive playing style in a way fans had not heard before.  Wino was also reborn and repurposed, regaining the slow-rising angry sneer fans know and love.  A very satisfying return to glory.  Get it here. Highlights include "Blessed Night" and "Let Them Fall".  Rating 4.5/5

April 29 - HIGH ON FIRE (De Vermis Mysteriis) - 'De Vermis Mysteriis' is a very different record for High on Fire.  It's more focused and more varied than what they'd done in past years.  It's a concept album about Jesus' twin travelling through time and it's hopefully the last time we hear Matt Pike in his drinking days on record.  It feels like a transitional record to a new era for the band but we'll have to wait and see.  This is a solid listen through and through, one of the absolute best albums of the year, with reoccurring themes and an interesting story to tell.  Grab it here.  Highlights include "Serums of Liao" and "Bloody Knuckles".  Rating 4.5/5

April 30 - Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of Knight (Going Home)

Best Album From April 2012:
'De Vermis Mysteriis' by HIGH ON FIRE

Best Song From April 2012:
"Calling All Demons" by MOONLESS

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