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2012 Chronicle (Year in review) part 5 - Best of May

May 1 - Buffalo Theory MTL (Heavy Ride)

May 1 - The Heavy Eyes (2)

May 1 - SNAIL (Terminus) - Highly melodic, hypnotizing and harmonized, Snail's third full-length and second since reforming in 2008 was one of the best in the stoner rock genre.  It was also one of the most addictive albums of the year, something I went back to constantly.  Download it on the cheap on bandcamp  Highlights include "Ritual" and "Galaxies' Lament".  Rating 4/5

May 1 - Sun Preachers (Faces of Ashes)

May 1 - Whitey (Bostonia)

May 4 - Abyss (ST EP)

May 5 - STEAK (Disastronaught) - I talk about Steak a lot on this blog and for good reason: they're really freaking good.  I geeked out the first time I heard "The Butcher".  It was the perfect thing to throw on during scorching hot afternoons while looking for trouble.  It turns out there's no fooling around with this band however, this is thinking man's music with a storyline that runs throughout the five song EP chronicling the rise and fall of evil space emperor Lazarus.  Can't wait to hear their next effort this upcoming April.  Get Disastronaught here.  Highlights include "The Butcher" and "Machine".  Rating 4.5/5

May 7 - Black Moth (Killing Jar)

May 8 - Horseback (Half Blood)

May 8 - Von Thundersvolt (Demo)

May 10 - The Mermaids of the Lipetsk Shed (Oversea)

May 10 - SATELLITE BEAVER (The Last Bow) - I was so blown away by this 4 song EP that I'm only now beginning to recover.  The things this Polish quartet are able to do in 18 minutes is staggering.  "Roadtrip" contains four distinct parts and none of them repeat.  I still can't get over it.  Multi-tracked vocals give this an Alice in Chains feel, while the tone or vocal quality is more akin to Marilyn Manson.  The playing is something to behold as well, the guitars are like a tornado of distortion and fury.  Each song sounds like a chaotic riot until you realize the band are the masters and in complete control.  Find it here.  Highlights include "Roadtrip" and "Perishing".  Rating 5/5

May 15 - Pantera (Vulgar Display of Power re-issue)

May 15 - TOMBSTONE (Devil's Ride Demo) - This French trio isn't necessarily doing anything brand new, but when the band has such a knack for churning out great fuzzy doom riffs under the aegis of Sleep, they don't need to.  They have a new album coming soon.  Download the Devil's Ride EP for free here. Highlights include "Devil's Ride" and "Watch Me Bleed".  Rating 4.5/5

May 23 - Jess & the Ancient Ones (ST)

May 24 - UNMOTHERED (ST) - Normally I stay clear of black metal but the Austin Texas based 'innovators of haunt rock' hit the right spot.  What is 'haunt rock'?  Blackened atmospheric sludge metal?  You be the judge.  The band features Matt Moulis of the Hidden Hand on drums.  This album is well worth checking out.  Find it here.  Highlights include "Spectre" and "Gravitons".  Rating 4/5

May 25 - AHAB (The Giant) - Ahab's brand of nautically themed doom is epic and daunting like the ocean itself.  There's nothing really catchy here, but that's not the point.  'The Giant' was a colossal success in terms of vision and execution.  It's an experience unto itself.  And the CD booklet is full of great art, no kidding, you should check it out.  Highlights include "The Giant" and "Aeons Elapse".  Rating 3.5/5

May 25 - DSW (Dust Storm Warning) - First off, check out my review of DSW's 'Dust Storm Warning' here if you haven't already.  This was one of my favorites of the year.  Another one I can't stop talking about.  This was one of the purest and most sophisticated desert rock albums to come out in 2012.  Grab it here.  Highlights include "Outrun" and "Space Cubeship".  Rating 4/5

May 26 - WITCH MOUNTAIN (Cauldron of the Wild) - Critical darlings, Witch Mountain's third full-length album and second since their return in 2005 was a highly memorable slice of slow and punishing doom.  Vocalist Uta Plotkin of course is the star of the show and it's her huge voice belting out that is the most memorable aspect of this album.  Highlights include "Beekeeper" and "Veil of the Forgotten".  Rating 3.5/5

May 28 - Open Tomb (ST)

May 29 - Cortez (ST)

May 29 - DARK EARTH (42012) - Dark Earth are a bay area three piece that plays a thrashy style of stoner doom metal.  Their song "Evil King" is one of the catchiest songs I've heard all year, it's still in my head.  The rest of the album is pretty special, too.  Available for free download on bandcamp, don't miss it!  Highlights include "Evil King" and "Dark Earth".  Rating 4/5

May 31 - FROM BEYOND (One Year EP) - Houston Texas based trio From Beyond unleashed their debut four song EP on an unsuspecting world and the world has been a darker, doomier place ever since.  Four songs that are each memorable, they each carry their own weight and each were big hits in the Doom Charts this summer.  I listened to "Evil" for the first time wondering why the hell this wasn't the kind of thing I hear on the radio.  It's a great song with a lot of classic elements of commercial success.  Then I realized, this band is only getting started.  Get in on the ground floor here.  Highlights include "Evil (From Beyond)" and "One Year".  Rating 5/5

Best Album From May 2012:

Best Song From May 2012:
"The Butcher" by STEAK

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