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Of all the new / unsigned / independent bands that have debuted in 2012 so far, Moon Curse is the one that has made the biggest impact at Paranoid Hitsophrenic.  Theirs was the first album of the year wherein all tracks reached ten plays, they were the first to score three number ones ("Medicinecoma", "Northern High" and "Brontis"),  in the doom charts and would have placed a fourth ("Black Elk") if not for a play count restriction (10 play max) technicality.  Not bad for a five track, four song and an interlude, EP by an unknown, unsigned and underappreciated band over 2000 miles away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You know that feeling when you listen to something for the first or second time and something clicks and it just puts a devilish smile on your face?  That was "Medicinecoma".

On first listen, I liked the EP and all its tracks, but it wasn't until "Medicinecoma" found its way onto a mixed playlist that the band really outshined the competition.  I was infected by the bouncy groove and haven't since recovered.  "Medicinecoma" is one of the best songs of the year by any artist big or small.  Actually, the same can be said for any of the songs from their self-titled debut.

So what makes this band so special?  In a word: catchiness.  They carve out an irresistible groove around a great riff and spread over top it one hell of a vocalist.  No, Matt Leece is not a virtuoso, nor does he need to be to suit the stoner doom groove of the music, but he's got something a ton of vocalists don't:  memorable vocal melodies that are as much a musical statement as the main riff and a rough but clear vocal delivery.  The riffs are excellent, but the vocal melodies really make this band stand out and really ratchet the catchiness factor up to 11.

What's missing from this band however is a physical release of this EP and the lack of touring.  Apparently, there has been some kind of talk of the EP possibly coming out on vinyl, but obviously that hasn't surfaced yet and I would love to see a CD version or a possible support slot on a tour that comes this way but without label backing such financial loads are almost impossible for a new band to shoulder.

Interview with Moon Curse

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