Friday, 26 October 2012

The Sword - Apocryphon (album review)

The Sword are one of those bands, along with Orchid that I just never really liked. I couldn`t see what all the hype was about.  So I never really looked too deeply into this band.  This is the first album of theirs I`ve listened to.  Reading youtube comments on their latest video (see below) there seems to be a tiny uproar about this band`s perceived change of direction from stoner doom to more traditional heavy metal and their use of synths, but that conversation goes out the door.  For me, this is a new band and a new experience, I carry none of the baggage of expectations.

This is an old school heavy metal album.  Ten rockin' tracks to headbang to.  Be warned all ye who enter here: this album is a recipe for severe neck damage.

There are little glimpses or essences of Logan's Run or Zardoz spread throughout by way of synth, creating a nice atmosphere and mental imagery of swords, sorcery and spaceships.  Conan in the future.

The Sword has tapped into a primal vein of precious Metal and created something with it that is not only shiny and new (sci fi sounding) but almost archetypal and primitive.  They seems to have taken some of our favorite parts of Metallica and Black Sabbath (among others) and crafted something that warps those influences beyond recognition and yet is entirely familiar.  Arena rock on a glactic scale.

I get the sense that this is not for everyone, but for those of us who got through high school with large doses of Metallica and Black Sabbath, I think this will be a satisfying listening experience, even if you`re getting a bit older like me and have to break out the icepacks after listening.  Other than that, for those who like really hard rockin`old school metal, this album is probably for you.

"The Veil of Isis", "Eyes of the Stormwitch" and "Dying Earth" are all potential Number 1s on the Doom Charts.

Reminds me of: Behold! The Monolith, Grand Magus, The Machine, Ozzy Osbourne, Witchcraft

My Rating: 4/5

Country: United States

Genre: Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom

1). The Veil of Isis (5:33)
2). Cloak of Feathers (5:25)
3). Arcane Montane (4:06)
4). The Hidden Masters (4:49)
5). Dying Earth (5:22)
6). Execrator (2:46)
7). Seven Sisters (3:30)
8). Hawks & Serpents (4:31)
9). Eyes of the Stormwitch (3:11)
10). Apocryphon (4:57)
Total Run Time: 44:06

Release Date: October 22, 2012

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Suggested Listening Activity for fellow non-stoners: Belting battlecry, rushing headlong down the white corridors of a spaceship, sword in hand, spltting in twain all misfortunate enough to cross your path.

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