Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Zosimos - ST (album review)

"Zosimos" is the debut release from a new band from Texas.  It sounds like it was recorded live in a small studio and that live feel, especially to the vocals and drums, give this recording much of its charm.  Their attack isn't brutal, but they don't pussyfoot around either.  The music is dark and heavy and that's just how we like our Doom here at the Hitso asylum.

First track and it's so nice to hear a band find a groove.  Chugging bass and spider-web thin guitars open "Ghost Town".  And when the groove comes it hits like a sack of doorknobs.  There's that great live feel to the recording, especially in the vocals that I'd hate to see a band lose with more studio time and/or better mixing/equipment.

"Uncanny Revulsion" is built around a terrific doom riff.  Again, great live feel to the vocals and crashing symbols.  The vocalist really gets into it at the end and I love that genuine emotion behind the delivery.

"Passage" is easily the standout track.  Great doom riff, more uptempo than the other tracks, great groove and I am a sucker for vocal harmony.

"Dry Hex" is more than what the cheeky title would suggest.  A glimpse of the band's future?  Leaning towards the Stoner side of things, the song sounds more polished and mature in its composition.

There's nothing trailblazing here and they won't change the face of Doom metal, but Zosimos shows great promise and some real heart and soul, which is something not every band can claim and counts for a lot.  They are officially on my radar as of now.

Rating: 4/5

From: Texas

Genre: Doom Metal, Stoner

Reminds me of: Balam, Set, Midnight Ghost Train

Release Date: October 11, 2012

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: Playing chicken with a freight train.

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