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The 'SUPER' DOOM CHART for November 1, 2013

This is the collective unconscious of Doom ... the final word on what's goin' on underground!!

This month I leaned heavily on an all-star cast of guest writers.  On this page you will read the words of no less of personages than Pat Harrington from The Electric Beard of Doom, Steve The Sludgelord, Gruesome Greg, Nuclear Dog, Hand of Doom, a man that is both Fast n Bulbous (okay maybe not bulbous), Joop Konraad, Justin Gish, Steve Miller and all around artist extraordinaire Cam Crichton.  All this led me to add five more spaces for capsule reviews bringing the total up to 30 from 25 last month.  I don't know if this is a trend that will continue, but the response from the Doom Chart group this month was phenomenal and I'm incredibly excited to bring their words to you!

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Stonerhead (a man who will let groove your brains tonight), Wormwood Chronicles' very own dungeon master, Dr. Abner Mality, Scott aka Dr. Space of Scott's Music Reviews and Robin from Stonerobixxx to the fold.  The latter duo have also contributed guest write-ups and all this makes for the most exciting Super Doom Chart yet!  And now, the albums ... after the jump break:

1). MONSTER MAGNET – Last Patrol (Napalm)
Last Month: 26 [25], Months on chart: 2
Words by Robin (Stonerobixxx)
One of my absolute favorite bands since I’ve started listening to everything rifttastic. From Spine of God to Power Trip, I really embrace everything Monster Magnet has done. From the drug-induced psychedelica to their groovy hard rock. Last Patrol is nothing short but amazing. It’s a clever combination of new and old sounds with a really surreal and spaced-out aura around it. These guys still have it and Dave Wyndorf’s voice is still as mesmerising as ever.  Here it is.

2). WINDHAND – Soma (Relapse)
Last Month: 1 [1], Months on chart: 2
Words by Pat Harrington (Electric Beard of Doom)
It’s a chilly, rainy Halloween day here in the Hudson Valley. The day began cool and misty, with a sense of foreboding of things to come. Plainly put, it’s a Windhand kind of day!

Windhand’s sophomore effort, Soma, also comes with a sense of foreboding. As the needle drops and we hear the first few chords of Orchard, that fear materializes in the form of one of the most massive albums of the year. The sound of this album is what sets it so far apart from it’s doom-y peers. The intensely crunchy guitars, the slow plodding of the mammothian drums... the music itself is the culmination of the very best that “saturated doom” has to offer.

If Electric Wizard is the king to this method of madness, Windhand is the overachieving prodigal daughter come home to steal the throne!

Wait... daughter?!?

This is also what sets Windhand apart. The haunting vocals of Dorthia Cottrell, the way they are layered and mixed into the very spine of the beast bring something much different out, a different kind of evil, almost empathetically evil.

The songs themselves are almost unimportant. It’s the way they bring you in and carry you along to the next that makes this journey what it is. That, I believe is the point of this whole musical endeavor; to lose yourself in the sonic temple, to give yourself to the gods of tone and to let go of the earthly shackles of judgment.

The wind is the wind, and the hand of the shadows around us.  Here it is.

3). RED FANG – Whales & Leeches (Reprise)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Gruesome Greg (Gruesome ViewsHellbound)
A new Red Fang record is never a bad thing. These Portland beardos inject a healthy sense of humour into their heavy rock (just watch, like, any of their videos), and they really bring it live. That said, their third album is a pretty decent listen, even if you can’t picture ‘em playing in your living room. There is definitely a cleaner, crisper sound on this one, the band seemingly going for a more widespread appeal, but without entirely abandoning its roots. Put it this way: Whales and Leeches is the album Queens of the Stone Age shouldda put out this year.
  Find the album here.

4). EARTHLESS – From the Ages (Tee Pee)
Last Month: #6 [2], Months on chart: 2
Words by Steve Howe (The Sludgelord)
6 years and nothing. Then – BOOM!!! - Earthless are back with the comeback album of 2013. From The Ages. An album that almost every Stoner Rock fan has been waiting for. This album is full of blistering Psych Stoner Rock Riffs that will tear you fucking house down!!!.

Earthless have lost none of their magic. From the opening chords of Violence Under The Red Sea – you know Earthless are going to take you on a journey like no other. Epic Jam based riffs play with your senses and emotions that no other band can match.

A classic album in the making. I dare you not to be moved by the insane atmospherics of the 31 minute epic – From The Ages. A masterclass of Instrumental Stoner Rock music. This album should be taught at music school to people who want to form an Instrumental Rock Band. Call this your training manual as it will take a lot to beat this brilliant album. Listen, Experience and Live the Earthless Dream. This album is a must have album. Get it now!!!!   Get it here.

5). VISTA CHINO – Peace (Napalm)
Last Month: 2 [3], Months on chart: 3

Words by Robin (Stonerobixxx)
Vista Chino simply continues where Kyuss left of without being Kyuss. While Peace definitely could use a ballsy kick in production quality, it’s still the closest you’ll get to the original sound of the Palm Desert. Huge fan of everything Garcia and Brant Bjork.  Find the album here.

6). SASQUATCH – IV (Small Stone)
Last Month: #3 [3], Months on chart: 2
Words by Nuclear Dog (Heavy Planet)
The hallmark of a really good album is one that once you play it that first time you quickly realize you can't stop listening to it because on each spin you discover something new and intriguing. Before long you realize there are lots of interesting little bits all perfectly intertwined, forming a complex work of inspiration that comes off as simplistic genius. Throw Sasquatch's fourth album in 9 years on the pile of standard fuzz at your own risk. For most of us, there is more in there than can be experienced on one or two drives to work. Keith Gibbs is an exceptional song writing talent whose creations on "IV" are complex yet simple, joyful yet intense, intriguing and immensely satisfying all at once. But it doesn't stop there. He is surrounded by incredible talent in Rick Ferrante on drums and Jason Casanova on bass, two musicians that infuse superior life into their instruments, playing with vigorous athleticism, matching their front man riff for roll on artistic delivery and virile enthusiasm, just as Gibbs does on lead guitar, where he wields his weapon of choice like a lumberjack surrounded in a zombie apocalypse. But, still, it doesn't stop there. Vocals are the rarest gift in a rock and roll universe, and Gibbs has one of the finest ever given life, matching the style and intensity of the music he both creates and delivers. Whether "IV" is your first foray into the mega-fuzz of Sasquatch or the . . . fourth . . . your experience will be noteworthy and exceptional, without a doubt.  Find the album here.

7). IRON MAN – South of the Earth (Rise Above)
Last Month: #- [+], Months on chart: 1
Words by Justin Gish (Forte)
Iron Man, the band was birthed in 1988, from the same hole from which Pentagram and The Obsessed crawled. I wonder how many of the retro doomers on Rise Above Records were even alive back then. The album is as heavy as you'd expect, with rough vocals and, some short acoustic interludes like you know who, and is another impressive release from the label.  Find the album here.

8). AT DEVIL DIRT – Plan B: Sin Revolucion No Hey Evolucion (Self-Released / vinyl from Bilocation Records)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Clint (Hand of Doom Radio)
"At Devil Dirt" from Chile deliver "Plan B; Sin Revolucion No Hay Evolucion" which I believe translates to 'without revolution there is no evolution". These guys are a great example of this in a musical context, in that they show how they have taken the sounds and musical sensibilities of 50 years ago and have put their own stamp on them today in a heavy psych setting. The album closer, "There's not God or a Devil" depicts what they are all about - 60's psych-pop melodies underscored with thick lush riffs.

This theme of easy drifting melodic vocals and thick riffs pervades the entire album, almost verging on Beatles territory with the track "I Lost My Guide' with the chorus effect on the guitars and 60's vibe. Hypnotic riffing in 'Dont See you Around' is overlaid with vocal harmonies and hooks that will be difficult to remove from your brain. This is 'long-drive-on-a-hot -summer-day' music, with a cold beer waiting for you at the end of the road. The lengthy 'People Raise Again' is one of the heavier moments on what is a very easy and enjoyable album to kick back to, every bit worth parting with a few $ for.  Find it here.

9). CURSE THE SON – Psychache (Self-Released)
Last Month: 4 [5], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Curse the Son's success can hardly be labelled as "overnight", it attests to the power of word-of-mouth.  It may have taken a while to spread that good word but it seems everyone who eventually heard 'Psychache' knew straight off that they were hearing a great record.  There's more drive, power, ideas and creativity on the first three songs alone than a good number of whole albums I've listened to.  Curse the Son's second album is full of hell-swept rumble, syncopated dynamics, irresistible riffs and soulful vocals.  'Psychache' is being released on vinyl by STB Records.  It took a year but the album is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  Find the album here.

10). SUBROSA – More Constant Than the Gods (Profound Lore)
Last Month: #25 [15], Months on chart: 2
Words by Steve Miller (Temple of Perdition)
For the band’s latest, ‘More Constant Than the Gods’, SubRosa have retained their otherworldly, atmospheric approach, though the soundscapes have a heightened nightmarish quality as if awaking from a dream only to realize what was tangible in sleep is disappointingly ungraspable in wakefulness. The balance and ultimate collapse between yearning and disenchantment provides a surreal tension for the duration of the band’s latest. While ‘No Help for the Mighty Ones’ was initially more gratifying and straight-forward—a relative concept as far as SubRosa is concerned—‘More Constant Than the Gods’ is a worthy successor of unparalleled depth that makes this one of the year’s finest albums.  Find the album here.

11). ORANSSI PAZUZU – Valonielu (Svart)
Last Month: #21 [10], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
Oranssi Pazuzu first fell on my radar screen as a band with a funny name.  But, as yet another testament to the power of word-of-mouth, it was the constant facebook posts badgering me to take a listen and the album's support by the Doom Chart contributors, particularly Ulla who wrote an excellent and as it turns out, precise review of the record, that led me to finally break down like a virgin on prom night and give this thing a spin.  I'm glad I did.  As could be expected, when I finally did give in, it was a night of agony and ecstacy.  Oranssi Pazuzu take the clutter of black metal and ram it into the dustbin, creating a horrific soundscape that is equally roomy and asphyxiating.  This was one of the pleasant surprises of the year for this observer.  Find the album here.

12). BLOOD RED WATER – All the Ills of Mankind (Self-Released)
Last Month: #23 [11], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
It seemed that for a time, with the rise of nu metal, that 'groove' had become somewhat of a dirty word in metal circles.  It was viewed with suspicion and often derision.  But that's just the ingredient this Italian quartet has added to their sludge stew on their latest EP, 'All the Ills of Mankind'.  The results are in the pudding ... er, stew.  It has transformed them from a really solid sludge band with great atmosphere to a great sludge band with really solid atmosphere and the Doom Chart group has not failed to notice.  Blood Red Water's music may still be mired in despair, but it's got a lot more fight in it now, this is music with teeth.  Find the album here.

13). MOUNTAIN WITCH – Cold River (This Charming Man)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Justin Gish (Forte)
This German band does the retro thing right. While many bands are content to rock bell bottoms and little else, these cats play some fuzzy and wicked rawk and roll, which for whatever reason sounds more retro than "retro". Dig this one and you'll get bass solos, meat hook riffs, and tormented acid blues vocals. Should be number one but this ain't no perfect world.  Find the album here.

14). HORISONT – Time Warriors (Rise Above)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
2013 will either be remembered as the year that Rise Above Records took over, or the year that 'Retro Rock' took over.  Either way, Horisont find themselves in good stead.  Horisont had built a strong reputation over the course of two albums leading up to 'Time Warriors', this latest album launches their sound into the stratosphere with it's balls deep energetic vocal and twin lead guitar attack.  The band goes full throttle here referencing all the right '70's bands while cementing their own individual style.  This is a non-stop album of 10 great songs, maybe a bit on the short side, but it doesn't overstay its welcome and leaving you dazed and hungry for more.  Find it here.

15). ARGUS – Beyond the Martyrs (Cruz Del Sur)
Last Month: #36 [21], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
Argus is one of the leading lights in traditional doom.  Their new album 'Beyond the Martyrs' picks up very much where their last one 'Boldly Stride The Doomed' left off.  'Beyond the Martyrs' is a slightly bulkier album, finding time to slow things down occasionally, while it still moves at a good pace from track to track.  Argus jam packs their compositions with ideas, sometimes changing things abruptly but always fully exploring every facet of a song.  Argus puts their collective heart and soul on display with each release and the results are stunning, there's a lot of muscle in that heart and soul.  Find the album here.

16). FUNERAL CIRCLE – Self-Titled (Shadow Kingdom)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Funeral Circle is the Charles L. Grant of traditional doom.  Where the prolific author trafficked in 'quiet horror', building tension slowly to a thunderous climax, Funeral Circle makes their hay with 'quiet doom', weaving spells of understatement arrayed with soulful vocals to create riveting moments of mourning and loss which capture the essence of their name.  After a three month hiatus, Funeral Circle is back on this list as more and more people plummet into their depthless emotional pit.  Find the album here.

17). BEELZEFUZZ – Self-Titled (Church Within)
Last Month: #5 [12], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Beelzefuzz do to doom music what these two slugs do to sex.  They take every thing you think you know about it and twist it up, mash it up, tie it all together, then toss it all out and start over again from scratch.  It's a fresh approach to a genre steeped in tradition.  Beelzefuzz may use traditional doom as their starting point, but really their sound is about as 'traditional doom' as those ground up red bits in the blender is still 'Tracy'.  Still, there's surely no better way to get to their trademark carnival-esque sound than over the muscular hills of traditional doom, and I think Tracy would have agreed (who the hell is Tracy?).   Link.

18). CHURCH OF MISERY – Thy Kingdom Scum (Rise Above)
Last Month: #17 [1], Months on chart: 6
Words by Scott aka Dr. Space (Scott's Music Reviews)
I probably don’t need to review this record but damn, when a band you like makes their best record ever 10 years into their career, you need to stand up and yell about it! I was quite uncertain when Tom left COM for Sweden what would happen and they had a new guitar player but he only lasted for a short tour and then they got Ikuma ((ex-DHIDALAH, a band I have never heard of) and now have made a totally killer record. Tatsu the bass player still writes all the songs but having Ikuma around must have done something as the music is just more groovey, more spaced out at times but still those killer Sabbath inspired heavy riffs (yes they use a lot of them over and over and over) but I am just pretty hooked on this new record.  Find it here.

19). CLAGG – Gather Your Beasts (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Clint (Hand of Doom Radio)
To my mind this is Clagg’s finest moment to date, and given that their 2009 album 'Lord of the Deep' is so damn good, this is a testament to the work thats gone into 'Gather Your Beasts'.This album has been a long time coming, and is beyond definitely worth the wait.

Album opener 'Five Curses' kicks straight into 11 minutes of earth shaking low end riffs,with the band taking their foot off the gas to slow it down even further about halfway through to let the gravity they have created do its work. 'Gather your Beasts' is a punishing journey, with the ominous sound of thunderous drums, onwards to crushingly low and melodic realms with tortured cathartic vocals exacting their toll...
'The Great Mortality' is another example of the bands ability to build into a mid pace riff that makes the head nod a bit faster, then back right off to let the weight of the riff come crashing in

'The Dream is Dead' lightens the mood, swinging in with a rock riff, but that party does not last long - after a killer solo the mood turns grim, and after a menacing buildup the band unleash a crushing finish to this 10 minute killer track. And it is all wrapped up with a track which has become a mainstay of Clagg's blistering live shows, with the surging, rhythmic hammering that is 'Pathways to Oblivion' - this track was originally released on Clagg's debut album in 2005 'Let The Galaxy Burn', but here it is 8 years later, re-envisioned and near on a minute longer than the original version. Decapitation by audio. Amazing. Along with the title track, perhaps the best on the album and finishes everything off with pure destruction. Highly recommended!  Find the album here.

20). SUMERU – Self-Titled E.P. (Self-Released)
Last Month: #27 [7], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Imagine yourself in a prison.  A circle pit forms around you and you have to fight your way out.  It's going to be dirty.  It's going to be bloody.  And you do not possess the strength to do it.  You're going to have to dig deep.  You're going to have to draw strength from some outside source.  You're going to have to find your totem.  Sumeru will come to your aid.  Formed from bits and pieces of other bands (most notably Lomera), this Aussie quintet blazes through four high energy numbers to bludgeon with.  It's an excellent first kick at the can, more polished than most debut records, probably due to the member's experience with their other bands.  Again, this is a potent first taste of a new band with endless potential, I'm excited to hear more of Sumeru, the song "Kingdom" alone is worth the price of admission.  Get it here.

21). BLOODY HAMMERS – Spiritual Relics (Soulseller)
Last Month: #57 [36], Months on chart: 2
Words by Joop Konraad (Stoner Hive)
The new album Spiritual Relics by Bloody Hammers starts off with a nice, dusty and gritty riff that reminds of something from way back. After which the What’s Haunting You track develops nicely into the obscure, hardrock and psychedelic venue with that occult little twist we know from their first effort. Infectious, groovy and warm. After which they gothic up and slow down and aim for some ancient knowledge. Pure haunting enjoyment that gives Ghost a run for their money…  Find the album here.

22). OBELYSKKH – Hymn to Pan (Exile on Mainstream)
Last Month: #16 [6], Months on chart: 2
Words by Joop Konraad (Stoner Hive)
The German outfit Obelyskkh is imploring some folky and pagan imagery on their new and third album Hymn to Pan. And they do this with such boorish intensity that you are dragged along violently and only dropped on the occasional forest clearing to catch a little air. Together with the heavy burrowing, psychedelic brushstrokes and disturbing samples this is one hell of a steady march through the evil weald. And even though the swirling melodies, bellicose riffs and vocal punches tear through your every fiber. You will still leave this experience feeling tranquil, warm and in touch with nature. All thanks to Pan…  Find the album here.

23). SEREMONIA – Ihminen (Svart)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
Seremonia's self-titled debut from last year introduced the band to the world as a devilishly creepy doom rock band.  I described the sound of that album in my review in terms of a coven of murderous children, as was the feel of it.  The follow-up 'Ihminen' has more of a 'Retro Rock' flavor.  Those creepy feelings linger, but the children are now in their teenage years and have discovered punk rock, allowing a snarly attitude to substitute for murderous stares.  Find the album here.

24). ATLANTEAN KODEX – The White Goddess (Cruz Del Sur)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by A.S. Van Dorston (Fast 'n' Bulbous)
Also on Cruz Del Sur, but released in the U.S. on 20 Buck Spin, the German Atlantean Codex goes for an over the top epic metal that was so convincing it immediately connected with a devoted audience in the U.S. On just the second album, the band seems to expect world domination, with the bold use of German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich’s Monk by the Sea for the cover art. The contents are similarly ambitious, hinted at by the roman numerals preceding the song titles and the album’s subtitle, A Grammar Of Poetic Myth. A graduate course in poetry and mythology (at least in the U.S., primary schools in Germany are obviously way ahead of us in that regard) may be needed to fully dig in. Alternatively, the album offers a concise introductory primer to such intellectual pursuits. While the band promised the new one to be darker and heavier than their debut, that may be true in the lyrics and themes, but the music sacrifices some weight for orchestral bombast. However, fans of Blind Guardian and Turisas will find much to love here.  Find the album here.

25). DEAD MEADOW – Warble Womb (Xemu)
Last Month: #34 [9], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Dead Meadow was my favorite of the new wave of Heavy Psych bands coming out of California in the early to mid '00's.  They combined heavy riffs with melody and '60's sensibilities in a genuinely trippy way.  Their latest, 'Warble Womb' is a sprawling opus weighing in at 15 tracks and 71 minutes of largely subtle and slow numbers but still carry on the tradition of the band.  Dead Meadow does find occasion to let loose the heavy and engage in psychedelic freak outs, but you'd do well to approach this album from a Donovan state of mind rather than a Blue Cheer state of mind.  Find the album here.

26). LA CHINGA – La Chinga (Self-Released)
Last Month: #14 [12], Months on chart: 6
Words by Joop Konraad (Stoner Hive)
Canadian stoner boogie power trio La Chinga makes it easy to forget about all those acts that jumped into the spotlight the past few years to steal the thunder from the ones that truly relish in the music from the golden era. Sure, we can appreciate Rival Sons; but they feel like a little breeze when the blues rock storm that is La Chinga starts their steamy and sizzling engines. You can feel the mighty magnetic current vibrating underneath every note they play. Varrooom!  Find it here.

27). HOLLOW LEG – Abysmal (Last Anthem)
Last Month: #37 [10], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
Hollow Leg is one of the most promising bands to have emerged on my radar this year.  It turns out 'Abysmal' is the band's second record (after 'Instinct' from 2010).  They hail from the American south (Florida) and carry on the traditions that made that region among the best places for metal in the entire universe.  Their stock in trade is groove oriented and swampy heavy doom / sludge metal and few bands do it better, let alone newer bands.  I just don't want to think about what the band name might mean.  Find the album here.

28). IN SOLITUDE – Sister (Metal Blade)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
I do this Super DOOM Chart on the first of every month and it gets shared around quite a bit (what else can I say but THANK YOU to everyone who shares these things).  Occasionally I'll see a share somewhere on a band's page for instance and I'll read the comments, or someone will leave a comment on this page about how this band or that band is not a DOOM band, and therefore they don't understand why that band's album is on a DOOM chart.  I can tell you right now that In Solitude is that band this month.  The Swedish quintet's third album has struck a chord with the Doom Chart group and though it may not be doom, it's here because the Doom Chart reflects what doom reviewers are listening to.  It takes something special for a non-doom album to break through into this list, In Solitude's latest is full of atmosphere, ever-changing dynamics from track to track and some excellent performances that is well-recorded.  In short, it's no huge surprise to find this album here because there's a little something on it for everyone.  Find the album here.

29). MOONBOW – The End of Time (Self-Released)
Last Month: #50 [21], Months on chart: 3
Words by Cam Crichton (Motherslug)
Supergroup MOONbow deliver a powerhouse of hairy, beardy stoner grooves with a definite country flavour. A band with a weirder pedigree you will not find.

David McElfresh, fiddle player with Hank3, opens the proceedings on the titular track with trademark bluegrass fiddle and soon kicks in the fuzzy guitar riffs graduating to multi-layered solos. Beautiful production from Jason Groves lulls you into thinking this could be commercial radio fare until Journey of the Iron Horse hauls in some heavy low-end riffage whilst vocalist Matt Bischoff proclaims "if I were you I wouldn't fuck with me".

BMX trickster and Survivor competitor Bischoff's plaintive bourbon twang sits nicely amongst the grooves and matches the laid back chugging tunes. The album remains in this consistent tempo with a short refrain in Octavia taking up a notch, but only a notch. The closing track Black Widow picks up the pace and whilst it is a great song seems out of step with the rest of the album.

Drummer Steve Earl of Hermano draws the connection between Moonbow and John Garcia who recorded the lilting guest vocals on Take it for Granted between touring with Unida and recording Vista Chino’s Peace.

Bassist Ryan McAllister of Valley of the Sun rounds out the all-star line up with his driving, metronome bass underpinning Earl's straightforward percussion.

Keep an ear out for MOONbow's upcoming acoustic EP, which is currently in the works.  Find the album here.

30). WEEDPECKER – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #11 [29], Months on chart: 3
Words by Joop Konraad (Stoner Hive)
The Polish full-sized self-titled album Weedpecker excels in thick riffs, psychedelic leads and gruff grunge tinted vocals that are among the tastiest in its color scheme available at the moment. But the band amazes even more on their instrumental efforts Don’t Trust Your Elephant and Kraken. On both of them they infuse some space and post rock into their heavy stoner metal and turn water into very tasty wine. Wine with some green spirit! Hypnotizing, hallucinatory and aiming for a grand delirium!   Find the album here.

31). NYMF – From the Dark (Transubstans)
Last Month: #13 [18], Months on chart: 2 / Link
32). YIDHRA – Hexed (Self-Released)
Last Month: #15 [17], Months on chart: 2 / Link
33). UZALA – Tales of Blood & Fire (King of the Monsters)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
34). PSICOMAGIA – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
35). AMERICAN SHARKS – Self-Titled (The End)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
36). CORRECTIONS HOUSE – Last City Zero (Neurot)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
37). MONKEY3 – The 5th Sun (Napalm)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
38). MONOMYTH – Self-Titled (Burning World)
Last Month: #35 [3], Months on chart: 3 Link
39). THE FREEKS – Full On (Self-Released)
Last Month: #31 [8], Months on chart: 3 / Link
40). CHURCH OF VOID – Dead Rising (Svart)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 2 / Link

A rousing ovation for this month's contributors:
Dr. Abner Mality [Wormwood Chronicles], Arttu Savy, A.S. Van Dorston [Fast n' Bulbous], Bill Goodman [The Soda Shop], Blasting D [Blasting Days], Cameron Crichton [Motherslug], Cheryl Prime [Cvlt Nation], Clint [Hand of Doom Radio], Dennis [Blasting Days], The Grime [Ripple Effect], Gruesome Greg [Hellbound], Jeff Warren [Broken Beard], Joop Konraad [Stoner Hive], Justin Gish [Forte], Katharina Pfeiffer [Psychorizon], LK Ultra, Mats Florstam [Ozium Records], Nuclear Dog [Heavy Planet], Pat Harrington [Electric Beard of Doom], Phil Howlett [Rote Mare], Racer [The Ripple Effect], Richard Maw [Sludgelord], Robin [Stonerobixxx], Rod Reinhart [Captain Beyond Zen], Scott aka Dr. Space [Scott's Music Reviews], Soggy Bob [Soggy Bog of Doom], Steph LS [Temple of Perdition], Steve Howe [Sludgelord], Steve Miller [Temple of Perdition], Stonerhead [Stonerhead Let Groove Your Brains Tonight], Tony Maim [Black Insect Laughter], Ulla Roschat [The Wicked Lady Show]

Thank you all!!!!!

See last month's Super Doom Chart

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