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The 'SUPER' DOOM CHART for October 1, 2013

What is the 'Super' Doom Chart?

This is the collective unconscious of Doom ... the final word on what's goin' on underground!!

So, every month I ask a couple dozen of the best bloggers, writers, reviewers, podcasters, record label folks, radio hosts, you name it in the world of stoner/doom what their favorite albums are.  I throw the results together, post the top 40 and take all the credit, hehehe.

But really, the compilation of this month's chart was relatively smooth and painless thanks to the invaluable help of Tony Maim, Pat Harrington, Bill Goodman, Gruesome Greg, Blasting D, Katharina Pfeiffer, A.S. Van Dorston & Steve Howe.  I couldn't have got it done this month without their help.  I owe them.

1). WINDHAND – Soma (Relapse)
Last Month: - [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by A.S. Van Dorston (Fast 'n' Bulbous)
After releasing a heavy, Electric Wizard-influenced self-titled debut last year, Windhand has since toured repeatedly, blowing minds and earning the respect from new fans everywhere they go, and getting signed to Relapse records. Soma is an appropriately challenging follow-up, with an even more massively heavy sound. The songs keep stretching out longer and longer until the final two tracks "Cassock" at 13:45 and "Boleskine" at 30:29 when time seems to simply stop, and you're trapped in a world where the walls simply will not stop vibrating. It can be a discomforting experience for some, but one that is awesomely impressive in shows.  Here it is.

2). VISTA CHINO – Peace (Napalm)
Last Month: 1 [1], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
Fans of the original band seem to be split on this album, but for those without a rooting interest or who liked Kyuss but wasn't marrieed to them, ought to be pleasantly surprised by the potency of Vista Chino. Many a sonic dreamscape is explored and there's a definite and familiar looseness to the development of the songs, sort of like taking all the rigid material out of the jelly of the songs so that they flow from one idea to the next like blobs while maintaining a loose outline. The thing is most of the ideas which flow by are terrific, if not fully developed, and mostly brand new. Those same casual fans will probably groove along to "As You Wish", "Planets 1&2", "Dargona Dragona" and the first bit of the 13 minute album closing epic "Acidize ... the Gambling Moose" or actually, all of it. Kyuss fan or not, these tracks should put a smile on your face, they are full of fire, fuzz and fury. Many of these songs have a "Green Machine" feel to them, at least at first, but soon spin off into their own freaking orbits, man.

I would rate 'Peace' as one of the best "big-name" releases of the past couple years, it's more of a debut than a comeback and if you keep that in mind, the album should speak to you and tickle your fuzzy bone.  Find the album here.

3). SASQUATCH – IV (Small Stone)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
Sasquatch speaks the stoner tongue fluently.  'IV' embodies most of those elements which dragged me into the stoner rock pit in the first place: high energy, big riffs, crash heavy drums with plenty of propulsion, confident melodic vocals and of course, da fuzz.  From a label renowned for the high standard of its output, 'IV' does nothing to tarnish the legacy.  I walked into this party when Small Stone released Nightstalker's 'Dead Rock Commandos' and it's been one great release after another.  'IV' simply continues the tradition.  Make a plaster mold of this album and display it proudly in Scott Hamilton's museum of strange and fuzzy creatures.  Find the album here.

4). CURSE THE SON – Psychache (Self-Released)
Last Month: 14 [10], Months on chart: 2
Words by Pat Harrington (Electric Beard of Doom)
First it was the album cover that creeped me out, then the tone of the guitars freaked me out. By the time the first verse was over I was already sold.

After living with the menacing stoner/doom that is Curse the Son's Psychache for a few months now, I still go back to it often. It still kinda creeps me out when I listen to it while walking my dog late at night. I've even looked over my shoulder a few times to make sure that little bastard from the cover isn't sneaking up on me to bludgeon my skull.

Some albums grab people's attention based on aesthetic alone. Psychache definitely turned heads through the high production value and overall package ... rightfully so!

However, the only reason we're still talking about it all this time later is because the songs fuckin rule! They stand out on their own, they hold up over time and those riffs are still ringing endlessly in our brains.

Recently it was announced that Psychache is going to be released on vinyl through STB Records ... considering the power of this album and the stellar reputation STB is gaining for the quality of their vinyl packages and Die Hard Editions; I for one can't wait to see and hear this album reach it's full potential. The best is yet to come for Curse the Son, enjoy the ride folks!  Find the album here.

5). BEELZEFUZZ – Self-Titled (Church Within)
Last Month: #9 [3], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
It's heartening to know that one of the most original sounding bands to emerge in the doom metal arena are receiving a ton of much deserved attention for their efforts. Their sound originates from the Maryland Doom sound and spins off like a top into a honey hive of deepest purple in a haunted house of mirrors. It's hard not to think of this album without connecting it to Curse the Son's because to me, they are the two little albums that could of the moment.   Link.

6). EARTHLESS – From the Ages (Tee Pee)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Soda Bill (The Ripple Effect)
Earthless is back after 6 long years. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah it was! 4 high energy instrumentals coming in at a blistering 66 minutes of total play. The album has their signature sound written all over it. Guitar riff after riff, psychedelics galore, you'll have your head bouncing to the beat right away. This album is bound to become a classic instantly!   Get it here.

7). ICE DRAGON – Born a Heavy Morning (Self-Released)
Last Month: #3 [2], Months on chart: 2
Words by LK Ultra
Ice Dragon make challenging music their stock in trade. While never straying off into the territory of the avant garde, Ice Dragon walks the line at times, but it's no less than to be expected from these mad scientists. So what can you expect to hear on 'Heavy Morning'? AM Gold melodies, melancholic moods, hangovers like freight trains stopped at intersections during rush hour and, quite literally, the sounds of the morning.  Find the album here.

8). BRUTUS – Behind the Mountains (Svart)
Last Month: #8 [-], Months on chart: 4
Words by LK Ultra
Brutus has been going steady on these Doom Charts for 4 solid months now. Their longevity has everything to do with, not only their genuinely denim drenched 70's sounds, but in the way that they make those sounds their own and surprisingly make them new again. The current reigning kinds of Scandinavian retro rock, Brutus ought to be in the running for most folks album of the year, top 20 at the very least.  Find it here.

9). GOATESS – Self-Titled (Svart)
Last Month: 2 [7], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
As far as individual songs go, the overall package is the key here, much like Serpent Venom's 'Carnal Altar' album, the individual tracks may not be as important as the overall sound, vibe and tonr of the album taken as a whole. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a great thing. It's exactly the kind of intangible element that makes for an infinitely replayable album.  Find the album here.

10). UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS – Mind Control (Rise Above)
Last Month: #7 [3], Months on chart: 5
Words by Katharina Pfeiffer (Psychorizon)
One of the most controversial yet successful acts of the past twelve months can be stated to be UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS. This British supposedly project, turning into a loudly demanded band, with an almost ridiculous self-created mystique has stepped up to be supporting the almighty SABBATH on their EU Tour, taking festivals by storm and having released a second full-length mindchild. This sophomore outlet with the (un)irritating title "Mind Control" caused quite a stir among fans of the first hour and critics in both negative and praiseful manners. With a first single intonating what to expect of the new one, "Poison Apple" was not too well received and for myself rather low up to disappointing. As a lover of the distorted and alienated vocal style of the "debut" – or whatever this is, word has it, there have been several other outputs to be named – it took me a while to get on this train. Becoming a witness of the first ever live show on German soil at this years Freak Valley Festival, UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS now fully took me over and some of the tracks of "Mind Control" have fused their way all the way into the depths of my brain. The titletracks won't waste any seconds as to introduce the soundscape this journey will take you towards and "Mind Crawler" is speeding things up, as far as this is possible for anyone tagged with the Doom label. The most distinct difference compared to "Blood Lust" might be the fact that it's now rather obvious that its a guy singing...nonetheless I have come to eventually embrace this record almost as much as the previous, so give it a try (maybe without bearing in mind the indisputable greatness of "Blood Lust").  Find the album here.

11). WEEDPECKER – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #22 [11], Months on chart: 2
Words by A.S. Van Dorston (Fast 'n' Bulbous)
After being psyched that one of my favorite stoner doom metal bandsElder was recording earlier this year, I was bummed to hear they were taking a hiatus while one of them goes to Europe. Fortunately at least Poland’s Weedpecker are fans and have incorporated some of their amazing tones into their own sound. Thick slabs of grunge dripping with Jalapeno barbecue sauce courtesy of Wo Fat can also be heard, along with some Colour Haze in the spacier bits. Standouts are “Berenjena Pipe” and “Sativa Landscapes,” but “Mindbreath,” “Kraken” and “Weedfields (Ft. Cheesy Dude)” all have some amazing sounds and riffs. A thoroughly enjoyable debut that may not be completely original, but is a welcome addition to the relatively scarcity of bands that hit all the right buttons.  Find the album here.

12). BLOOD CEREMONY – The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above)
Last Month: #26 [14], Months on chart: 5
Words by LK Ultra
These Canadian guys and gal explore the outer limits of their own genre, expanding the barrier as they go to create something entirely novel. But novelty isn't enough in a day and age where all things are possible, all goals attainable and all information is available. Blood Ceremony have dug their heels in on these charts for five colossal months on the strength of their songwriting. A good tune and a good story will always put you ahead of the pack no matter what your sound or whether or not you get lost in the recesses of the outer void of your genre. 'The Eldritch Dark' is both earthy and eldritch all at once.  Find the album here.

13). NYMF – From the Dark (Transubstans)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
Five Swedes, mostly coming from different corners of the metal world came together and forged an album of chrome tinted stoner metal. Horror stories, hard edges, sharp melodies to get your skin caught on, and riffs? Yeah, NYMF's got riffs for you, 13 songs worth of them with evenly distributed weight and heft.  'From the Dark' will wind you up for a full hour then unleash you on an unsuspecting world that seems darker and more disturbing after listening.  Combining all the best elements from across the metal spectrum, NYMF takes things to the next level.  Find the album here.

14). LA CHINGA – La Chinga (Self-Released)
Last Month: #10 [4], Months on chart: 5
Words by LK Ultra
'La Chinga' is an exuberant first foray into the great unknown by a hungry and greasy band.  La Chinga does rock n roll the way it's meant to be done, with long hair, wailing and expressive vocals, and enough venom-soaked denim to poison and clothe the homeless (and there are a shit ton of homeless in Vancouver.

Anyway ...).  La Chinga scratch out a niche for themselves that wouldn't be out of place on the roster of Small Stone records, albeit a filthy niche.  The seventies vibes are as vibrant as an aquarium full of sea monkeys.  On their bandcamp page, their byline reads "HARD ROCK done by rockers" which is about as lucid a statement as can be, because that's just what you get here.  It's obvious that there is true love of the artform on this record.  There's a palpable joy between the grooves of the record and a devoted respect and fearless admiration of guitar-based ROCK around every corner of the record..  Find it here.

15). YIDHRA – Hexed (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
Yidhra doesn't bother with appealingly sugary tones on 'Hexed' and gets right down to the business of apocalyptic sludge doom. This is a band that realizes you catch more flies with filth than you do with honey. This L.A. quartet just bangs out evil riffs and fills them out with the ooze, flakes and stench of decay. This is one for the doom purists who like their riffs huge, grimy and gory. It doesn't hurt that they've got a suitable vocalist to match who can capture that hellish essence without resorting to cartoon-ish grunts and growls.  Find the album here.

16). OBELYSKKH – Hymn to Pan (Exile on Mainstream)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Gruesome Greg (Gruesome Views, Hellbound)
Now, I suppose there can be more than one doom band with an ode to the god of shepherds, nature and rustic music. I mean, Blood Ceremony’s not the biggest band in the world, but they have toured Europe a few times. That being said, while I’m not calling thievery, let’s just say that Obelyskkh has some high standards to live up to.

Suffice to say this hymn has several more stanzas, as it spans 68 minutes with just six tracks. Most of these offerings slightly surpass the eight-minute mark, adopting a similarly sludgy pace. Think the latest Demon Lung, minus the pinch harmonics. (Well OK, these guys don’t have female vocals either.) But where they really lose me is with 24-minute snoozer, erm, closer “Revelation – The Will to Nothingness.” I really had to will myself through it.  Find the album here.

17). CHURCH OF MISERY – Thy Kingdom Scum (Rise Above)
Last Month: #4 [13], Months on chart: 5
Words by LK Ultra
Church of Misery has become another staple of the Doom Charts. No real surprise there, nor was the thick sound of their fifth album 'Thy Kingdom Scum', even with the addition of new guitarist, Ikuma Kawabe.  The band isn't out to re-invent themselves with every album, they just continue to forge a unique identity in the world of doom with their stories of real life serial killers and notorious murderers.  Disturbingly, there's no shortage of potential subject matter for the band to mine.  Regardless, true crime never sounded so good.  Find it here.

18). KADAVAR – Abra Kadavar (Nuclear Blast)
Last Month: #23 [5], Months on chart: 5
Words by LK Ultra
With a North American tour currently underway with Doom Chart alums Scorpion Child & Mothership, Kadavar has done an excellent job of staying in the spotlights, hearts & minds of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. This is their fifth straight month on the 'Super' Doom Chart. Think about that! For a band that shucked its meandering progressive tendencies like a snake skin in favor of a stripped down classic hard rock approach to have such staying power says much about the success of their tinkering and experimentation. Either way, as long as the beards stay long, the riffs stay strong.  Find the album here.

19). QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – … Like Clockwork (Matador)
Last Month: #18 [1], Months on chart: 5
Words by Pat Harrington (Electric Beard of Doom)
Queens Of The Stone Age’s latest “...Like Clockwork” has now cemented itself as the Doom community’s guilty pleasure. When it came out, I seem to only remember the complaints: “Where’s the riffs?”, “What’s with all the piano?”, “Josh has gone soft!”.

It’s been four months or so since the release and here I am writing yet another blurb about the album no one likes but won’t go away. I still think there’s too much piano, I still wish it was heavier, I still wish there were more riffs, I still listen to it on the regular.

As someone who helped define the stoner/desert genre that we still find ourselves enchanted by all these years later; Josh Homme has never been one to play by the rules, even if they are the rules he helped fashion. To me that is the true definition of an artist... always in motion, always evolving, always one step ahead of the curve.

Besides, if you want the riffs, if you want the stoney grooves, if you want to relive those glory days in the desert... go listen to Vista Chino!

For the first time ever, we have the best of both worlds.  Find it here.

20). ORCHID – The Mouths of Madness (Nuclear Blast)
Last Month: #12 [8], Months on chart: 5
Words by LK Ultra
Orchid will go down as one of the biggest success stories of the past year.  A groundswell of grass roots support on the strength of a small label album in the form of 'Capricorn' which was incredibly popular on youtube helped the San Francisco quartet secure a deal with legendary German metal label Nuclear Blast Records.  Two highly regarded EP's later and their sophomore album, 'Mouths of Madness' finally emerged.  Fans of the band haven't seemed to be able to put it down since then.  Their highly Sabbath 'influenced' retro sound uniquely situates this band nicely for even bigger and better things in a coming vinyl dominated age.  Find the album here.

21). ORANSSI PAZUZU – Valonielu (Svart)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Blasting D (Blasting Days)
With their third album Oranssi pazuzu manages to create another masterpiece, proposing once again another different musical trip pushing their music in new directions. this time the atmosphere is less dissonantly nightmarish and the vocals are the only black metal element remaining, the melodies are in brighter colours and the vibe and rhythms are more krautrock, with also more keys part in a sci-fi spacey mood. I'd say Valonielu would be more Can meeting Arcturus whereas Kosmonument was more Mayhem meeting King crimson. what remains the same, to our delight, is the ability of the band to produce surprising music taking you far away in a surrealistic like trip.  Find the album here.

22). FANGS OF THE MOLOSSUS – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by Tony Maim (Black Insect Laughter)
Hailing from Italy, Fangs of The Molossus play a heavy blend of Psych/Doom with a big dose of heaviness thrown in.

Big distorted riffs are hurled through the air complete with dirty sounding wah-wahs that straight away make you feel at home. Clean vocals are buried in the mix, giving them a claustrophobic feel that envelops the listener.

The solos are quite low on distortion meaning you can hear them over the eerie drones and massive wall of noise that are pounding away.

The harshness is sometimes offset by song passages that seem almost organic and have a live jam quality to them which flows effortlessly along.

Dark atmosperics are created by soundclips and sparing use of some keyboards but the overall tone is heavy, dark and mournful.

Sure, these guys obviously love Sabbath and Electric Wizard - guess what, so do I - stop fucking around crying about genres and get hold of this now.

23). BLOOD RED WATER – All the Ills of Mankind (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by LK Ultra
Blood Red Water's five song EP from last year, 'Tales of Addiction and Despair' (which I loved and still go back to frequently) perfectly captured the essence of its title.  I don't think their brand new 5 song EP does the same thing.  On the contrary, 'All the Ills of Mankind' reflects all that's right with humanity, at least in terms of what mankind is capable of in the arena of music.  But for all that, this new one blows its capable predecessor out of the water with its excellent riffs, expansive yet soncisve sound and heavy as lead balls aesthetic.  Find the album here.

24). HOT LUNCH – Self-Titled (Who Can You Trust)
Last Month: #30 [6], Months on chart: 3
Words by LK Ultra
Heavy Planet's Nuclear Dog swears by this album. Three quarters of the year have now slipped by and it's still his favorite of the year. Hot Lunch plays a psychedelic tinged brand of rock n roll, with a heavy emphasis on 'skate rock' in the Brant Bjork-era Fu Manchu vein.  Find the album here.

25). SUBROSA – More Constant Than the Gods (Profound Lore)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1
Words by A.S. Van Dorston (Fast 'n' Bulbous)
Salt Lake City’s SubRosa has fulfilled their promise on their fourth album beyond all expectations. In the beginning they were a rough sounding sludge band with PJ Harvey style vocals. By their third album No Help For The Mighty Ones (2011), they introduced violins for a sort of progressive, avant-doom. The new album finds them at a powerful peak with four of the six sprawling songs running from 11 to 14 minutes each. It’s more psychedelic and experimental, heavier and more memorable than ever. A landmark metal release that seems underappreciated in a busy week (September 17) of releases that also saw albums from Ulcerate, Carcass, Windhand, Pinkish Black and others. Those who know what’s up will will hopefully give this the attention it deserves by end of year.  Find the album here.

26). MONSTER MAGNET – Last Patrol (Napalm)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
27). SUMERU – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #70 [43], Months on chart: 2 / Link
28). CARCASS – Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
29). MAGIC CIRCLE – Magic Circle (Self-Released)
Last Month: #32 [3], Months on chart: 5 / Link
30). BLACK MAJIK ACID – Self-Titled (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
31). THE FREEKS – Full On (Self-Released)
Last Month: #46 [15], Months on chart: 2 / Link
32). SPIRAL SHADES – The Hypnosis Sessions (Self-Released)
Last Month: #56 [24], Months on chart: 2 / Link
33). DOMOVOYD – Oh Sensibility (Svart)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
34). DEAD MEADOW – Warble Womb (Xemu)
Last Month: #35 [1], Months on chart: 2 / Link
35). MONOMYTH – Self-Titled (Burning World)
Last Month: #36 [1], Months on chart: 2 / Link
36). ARGUS – Beyond the Martyrs (Cruz Del Sur)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
37). HOLLOW LEG – Abysmal (Self-Released)
Last Month: #- [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
38). NOMADIC RITUALS – Holy Giants  (Self-Released)
Last Month: - [-], Months on chart: 1 / Link
39). BORRACHO – Oculus (Self-Released)
Last Month: 5 [34], Months on chart: 3 / Link
40). NAAM – Vow (Tee Pee)
Last Month: #25 [15], Months on chart: 5 / Link

A rousing ovation for this month's contributors:
A.S. Van Dorston [Fast n' Bulbous], Bill Goodman [The Soda Shop], Cameron Crichton [Motherslug], Cheryl Prime [Cvlt Nation], Clint [Hand of Doom Radio], Dennis [Blasting Days], The Grime [Ripple Effect], Gruesome Greg [Hellbound], Jeff Warren [Broken Beard], Joop Konraad [Stoner Hive], Justin Gish [Forte], Katharina Pfeiffer [Psychorizon], LK Ultra, Mats Florstam [Ozium Records], Nuclear Dog [Heavy Planet], Pat Harrington [Electric Beard of Doom], Phil Howlett [Rote Mare], Richard Maw [Sludgelord], Rod Reinhart [Captain Beyond Zen], Soggy Bob [Soggy Bog of Doom], Steph LS [Temple of Perdition], Steve Howe [Sludgelord], Steve Miller [Temple of Perdition], Tony Maim [Black Insect Laughter], Ulla Roschat [The Wicked Lady Show]

Thank you all!!!!!

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  1. Monster Magnet - 26th
    Red Fang didn't make it to the chart

    1. Huh. Good point. We'll see about next month ...

  2. Carcass? Doom?

    1. Carcass is obviously not doom, but there aren't that many rules to this chart and folks are free to 'vote' for whichever albums they like, enough people listed the new Carcass album as one of their favorites of the month, so up it went! Queens of the Stone Age isn't really doom either but their new album has made the the chart for five straight months! The 'doom' chart is really just meant to be a reflection of what the voters have been listening to.

    2. This is madness! Completely out of hand hahahahahaha!!!

  3. That Hot Lunch LP has been out on Tee Pee Records since March: LP, CD and on iTunes.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm gonna grab me a copy from itunes.


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