Thursday, 14 November 2013

Doctor Smoke Full Set from Stoner Hands of Doom XIII

Appearing out of nowhere from a village called Mingo Junction in Ohio, Doctor Smoke seem to have an "it" factor to them.  The band combines many of the best elements of the stoner and doom sounds into a sleek and heavy rock n roll beast.  I'll be featuring the band right here, sometime next week and I'll get more into it then.  A week ago, Doctor Smoke appeared at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia for the Stoner Hands of Doom XIII festival and their full set has been posted to youtube.  It was shared to me via their Indiegogo campaign [link below] which they set up to fund their debut full-length album.  I'm not sure if I should be sharing this video or not, but like a good journalist, I cannot keep a secret.  I believe it's the people's right to know!!  The 31 minute show features a couple of the songs from the band's already released demo [link(s) below], but the bulk of the set is comprised of songs from the upcoming full-length album.  Here's your sneak preview.  Enjoy ...

(and if you do enjoy, please contribute to the band's indiegogo campaign)

Doctor Smoke Indiegogo campaign

Doctor Smoke on facebook
Doctor Smoke's ENTIRELY FREE demo on bandcamp

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