Friday, 22 November 2013

Hamburg's Hammer Studios (GAMMA RAY / DARK AGE ) destroyed in a mass fire: HELP FOR THE BANDS!!

I was sent this bit of bad news late last night.  I just got home from work so I'm posting it now.  There was a fire at a Hamburg (Germany) practice / recording studio and several bands lost all their gear and equipment in the blaze.  Though I'm not familiar with any of the bands I understand how unbelievably shitty it must be for a band to lose all of its instruments and I also feel a bit of urgency to help as my paternal grandfather was from Hamburg.  Please help out if you can.  Read the press release  below to find out how:

Hamburg's Hammer Studios ( Gamma Ray / Dark Age ) burnt down! 
- Help for musicians in organisation with the Hamburg Cultural Foundation + donation account now available! -

It is a dark time for the music scene in Hamburg, Germany: On Monday, November 18th 2013, the legendary Hamburg-based 'Hammer Studios', ran by Kai Hansen & Dirk Schlächter of Gamma Ray and Eike Freese (Dark Age), burnt down in a mass fire. 

The recording studio, several practice rooms of Hamburg-based bands and a visual artist studio were completely destroyed. 
The damages are immense and 
according to initial estimates more than in a few hundred thousands. Together with the Hamburg Cultural Foundation an official donation account for the involved artists, who have lost their rehearsal rooms, studios & full equipment in the fire, has now been established.
For reasons yet unknown, on Monday, 18/11/2013 a warehouse complex in Hamburg went up in flames. Affected by the fire including the prestigious 'Hammer Studios' are several rehearsal rooms of local bands such as Brothers In Arms, 
A Million Miles, Chain Reaction, Black Hawk, Sambódromo, Kamizaraky, The Golden Creek or Cate 's Leila .
Valuable musical instruments, all guitar collections, amplifiers, and studio facilities were destroyed in the mass fire. Most of the bands are uninsured or underinsured and now fear for their existence.

In order to help these artists quickly and easily, a consortium of helping hands has now been launched 
in support of the victims:
The Facebook page  
»Help4HammerStudios«  now acts as the central point for those who want to help. Within only a few hours more than 4,500 people have already found together who want to support the musicians, whether in kind and cash donations till offering equipment or new rehearsal room facilities. In addition, already more than 50 bands have reported their assurances to support their musician fellows in form of benefit concerts.
With a separate fund-raiser campaign among its members as well as at this year's 'Hamburg Music Prize' "Hans" on November 27th, also thecommunity of interest 'Hamburg Music Economy (IHM e.V.) want to help the affected artists and music companies.

The Hamburg Cultural Foundation has just established an official account for donations to support the artists & producers, who have lost everything in the fire:

Name: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
Bank: Berenberg Bank
IBAN DE25201200000052757010
Keyword:  Help 4 Hammer Studios

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