Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Doom Charts for 12/12/12

Another solid 20 songs to check out.  Heavy Eyes top the charts with a demo, that's how good this band is!  Beastwars, Sticky Digit and Blue Aside all made good climbs up the chart into the Top 5 and Harvester and Sun Gods in Exile both gained a lot of ground. Owl's chart-topping "Medicine Mirror", Corrosion of Conformity's "Feed On" and Mara's "Greed" all topped out at 10 plays so they are gone, but in their place are three more of the best songs you will ever hear.  Indian Handcrafts makes a big splash with a top 10 placing their first time out in the Doom Charts.  Kadavar makes a triumphant return and an oldie but a goodie by The Bad Light finds its way back in the charts.

Top 20 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Levantado (Heavy Eyes / Maera Demo EP)
  2. The Queen of Death (Necronomicon / The Queen of Death)
  3. Tower of Skulls (Beastwars / 7" single)
  4. Crazy (Sticky Digit / ST)
  5. The Ice Mammoth (Blue Aside / The Moles of a Dying Race)
  6. Decibel Grand (Molior Superum / Into the Sun)
  7. The Cloven Sea (Arkham Witch / Legions of the Deep)
  8. Leaving You (Graveyard / b-side "Goliath" single)
  9. Circle Eater (Harvester / The Blind Summit Recordings)
  10. Centauri Teenage Riot (Indian Handcrafts / Civil Disobedience for Losers)
  11. Endless Night (Graveyard / Lights Out)
  12. Corporate Blues (Engines of Ruin / Electric Weaveworld)
  13. The Lost Art of Bong Rips (Goat Bong / Goat Worship & Sodomy)
  14. Modern World (The Bad Light / Marrow of Sound)
  15. The Same Way (Corrosion of Conformity / ST [bonus tracks])
  16. Nobody Knows (Sun Gods in Exile / Thanks for the Silver)
  17. Forgotten Past (Kadavar / ST)
  18. The Red Death (Hornss / The Red Death)
  19. Dry Hex (Zosimos / ST)
  20. Night (Ice Dragon / Tome of the Future Ancients)

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