Sunday, 23 December 2012

In Case You Missed It 12/23/12

ITEM! Vancouver / New Westminster BC based doom rockers BLACK WIZARD have a new album, 'Young Wisdom' ready to drop early next year.  This will be their first full length album.  As an appetizer they've posted one of their new songs on Soundcloud back in October.  You can hear it on the soundcloud player below.  In case you missed it the song's called "H.U.G.H.".

ITEM! Oxford, England stoner rockers DESERT STORM have released a new song from their forthcoming album 'Horizontal Life' and it's a doozy.  I'm no expert but this may be the heaviest thing on ten legs to blast out of Oxford yet.  The band hopes to get the album out in January.  Can't wait.  The new song is called "Enslaved in the Icy Tundra" and you can hear on the player below.  Here's the link to their Soundcloud for more stuff including a BBC interview.  Also, their bandcamp where you can hear / buy their first two.

ITEM! Austin, Texas doom metallers DESTROYER OF LIGHT have released a video for their excellent song "Greet Death", one of my favorites of the year.  According to the band, the response to the video has been overwhelming.  
"Wow, people! Over 720 likes within 2 days! Y'all rule! Thank you for sharing and spreading the love. Three Goats Moving Pictures, remember that name, they are awesome!"   
Watch the video below.  And if you want to keep the vibes going you can also watch it on the current Hour of Power.

ITEM! Swedish heavy psych slayers SALEM'S POT are back with a follow-up to the excellent EP that made them a 'buzz band' back in August with a new song up on their bandcamp page.  Like their work on the aforementioned August release 'Sweeden', it's a long song, 16 minutes long, to be precise.  The song is brutally called "Watch Me Kill You" and will appear as the a-side of a cassette only EP to be released sometime in the near future.

ITEM! French four piece THE SOCKS don't have any new music right now, but when they do it will be released on SMALL STONE RECORDS.  The label, with the best track record imaginable, announced the signing earlier this week.  There is no word on whether the band is ready to jump into the studio immediately to record their debut full-length but one would assume the material is ready to record.  Here's what the band had to say:
"We are very proud to announce that we inked a deal with Small Stone Records for our debut album ! Stay tuned for more informations in 2013 !"

For now you can check out their pair of self released EPs on bandcamp.

ITEM! Though they have decided to call it quit as a band to focus on their burgeoning families, Leeds, England epic doomsters WIHT have inked a deal with Devouter records to release their final album 'The Harrowing of the North' on vinyl.  The album is an excellent, two song, 33 minute instrumental masterpiece, as if you didn't know.  The really exciting thing about this vinyyl release is that it will feature a third, previously unreleased, 9-minute song.  The song is called "End of the Reign" and is available for streaming on Soundcloud.  The vinyl edition of the album is available for pre-order now through Devouter's big cartel site, and it is expected to be released February 4, 2013.

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