Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Case You Missed It 12/30/12 (News)

As was expected, it wasn't a major week for news and music releases, what with the holidays and all, folks around the world were busy with friends, family, loved ones, horned deities, etc.  But there was still enough news and music to keep me occupied, out of trouble and off the streets ...

ITEM! Chiliomodi, Greece super stoners 1000MODS are back with a new 10" EP called 'Valley of Sand'.  Side A features the sprawling 17 minute title track while side B houses a trio of live cuts: "7 Flies", "Navy in Alice" and "Track Me" from their amazing 'Super Van Vacation' album.  There are 500 copies available from The Lab records.  You can order your copy or download the 4 song EP here on the 1000mods bandcamp page.

ITEM! If you haven't heard it by now, there is a fan madde video up of the new ALICE IN CHAINS song (so happy with the sequence of those last six words).  The song is called "Hollow" and if this author be so bold as to opine, it may be the heaviest and darkest we've heard the band since 'Dirt'.  The full song was streamed on the band's website on the 18, but the song won't be officially released until January 8.  They're already playing it on the radio so it should be overplayed and pretty much lifeless before that day comes, but for now.  Listen to the video below:

ITEM! Newport, Rhode Island's very own doom machine, BALAM is rolling once again.  The band has been writing a lot of new material lately and as a special Christmas gift, they've allowed us outsiders a glimpse into what they're up to.  It's an unmastered song without vocals that will be a part of a new project to be released sometime in 2013.  You can hear the untitled new song here on bandcamp.

ITEM! Italian doom stalwart Steve Sylvester and DEATH SS released a new single on the 21st called "The Darkest Night".  It's the title track from their forth-coming 8th studio album due out in March 2013.  The CD single was limited to 666 copies and sold out within 48 hours so there's still quite some appetite for the Godfathers of Italian doom.  You can download the song on itunes, check out the band's official website or laze about right here and watch the video below:

ITEM! You may recall a couple weeks ago, the Chad Davis (Hour of 13, Chains, Witchcoven, etc.) involved band THE SABBATHIAN were looking for a new vocalist to replace Jess of Jess & The Ancient Ones.  Well, they've found her.  From the band:
"The Sabbathian is proud to welcome the talents of Norwegian vocalist Anette Uvass Gulbrandsen. The voice she possesses is a masterful mix of pitch-perfect strength and etherial chiors, something that adds an amazing element to The Sabbathian. We will be posting a rough mix track from the forthcoming release on Svart Records very soon."
Congratulations Anette!

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