Monday, 3 June 2013

Fair Warning! Don't Miss ... Montenegro - Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma

Excellent cover artwork by Van Estudio.
Much as their sweet album cover graphically depicts, Montenegro have a desperado twinge to their deep desert grooves.  Don't believe me, fire off a chunk of "Soluciones" from the player below and dig those crazy Ennio Morricone sounds.  It's amazing to think that an Italian who lived a hundred years after the time of the cowboys came to define the sound and feel of the era but that's the world we live in.  This isn't a bad thing.  Again, go check for yourself, I dare ya.  Their four song EP is FREE from bandcamp, go ahead and check it out.  There's literally nothing to lose and everything to gain!

"Montenegro is an Argentinian psych rock band. Their style is based on stoner tunes and a constant search of mixing with other music styles. Some of their influences come from the western films, Balkan sounds, Argentinian folk music, and obviously 70's rock bands. Confusos Recuerdos Después del Coma is their first studio release, which contains four powerful tracks of experimental psychedelic rock shit!"

"Four human componentes generate the synergy that propels this musical project. Raised in the vein of the more raw and experimental rock, and shaped by numerous genres within popular music, we propose a dense, floating, circular and adventurer sound.

"Welcome to Montenegro."

Once again, this album is FREE, so don't be a damn fool, I reckon your ears will thank you for downloading this sooner than later, pilgrim.

Montenegro on facebook

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