Friday, 7 June 2013

Fair Warning! Don't Miss ... Liblikas - Wooden Spaceship

Album cover artwork by Erik Illaste.
I'll be reviewing this album for Stoner Hive and it should be posted shortly on that fine website, so make sure you check it repeatedly and with an almost ravenous appetite at least once every five minutes from now until you see the post over there.  SPOILER ALERT: This is one fine, mind-bending record!  Just look at that artwork.  It gave you an acid flashback didn't it?  As for how this band ranks I can honestly say that they'd be my favorite Estonian band even if I knew of any other Estonian band because their music is so crazy.    I'll let the band tell the rest of their story for now (but remember to check out the Stoner Hive for my review and for kicks):

"A Psychedelic-Progressive metal band called "Liblikas" from Estonia, that can be described as having influences from Stoner rock, Sludge metal, Thrash metal and occasionally Jazz. Of our many influences, it would probably be most appropriate to bring out Mastodon, Baroness, The Sword and probably Frank Zappa and King Crimson. We have been active and doing gigs for about a year now, although the songs have been in the making for almost three years. The band convened in 2010 and the first 18 months were a period of experimenting and finding that own special niche. The original idea was to make all-out old-school thrash metal, but as our minds broadened, we realized it did not make an awful lot of sense to remain stuck in one genre if we could mix all the wonderful styles we love together. The band name "Liblikas" is the Estonian word for "butterfly". A creature with a hideous and revolting body who only becomes beautiful with the addition of a set of colorful wings. We have been doing gigs together with some local bands for the past year or so. Since the particular scene in Estonia is rather small-scale, we are trying to widen the scene in Estonia and share our music with the rest of the world. This Saturday we are going to have our album presentation event in Tartu, Estonia supported by bands such as Smõuk, Crystal Cloisters and Luna Vulgaris.

"Just recently we released our first full-length album "Wooden Spaceship" on „Wooden Spaceship“ could be defined as a concept-album. It tells the story of a man who awakes to find himself in our bewildered world, with no recollection of his past, trying desperately to get his innocent and unwitting head around the everyday proceedings of a world hell-bent on needless hustle and haste, a world he now finds himself stranded in. Over the course of his journey, he lives through a wide spectrum of emotions never felt before: amazement, insanity,love, panic. Eventually finding it all a little too much to bear, he flies away into the peaceful space."

This is a "pay-what-you-want" deal on bandcamp, which you can get to by clicking the links on the player below!  Once again, this is some fine, crazy ass stuff: crazy progressive and crazy heavy!


Liblikas on facebook

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