Friday, 3 May 2013

Chad Davis / Hour Of 13 official press release 5-3-2013 (News)

And now, a message from Chad Davis of Hour of 13:

I am grateful for all of the support eveyone has shown for Ho13, and honored to have been able to bring everyone quality music to a very thriving and revitalized movement. It has been extremely trying over the years, the constant interchanging of personnel, missing out on great opportunities to move the band further to all of you in a live setting, internal strife and conflicts of interest. But, in hindsight, things happened the way they have, and it is pointless to dwell on the past. The future is now...
I am glad to announce that new material will be created to carry the Ho13 namesake into the next phase of it's existence. A much needed break and rest from all of it was a good souce of medicine, healing the mind and allowing me to be able to refocus energy back into this musical force. Ho13 has always been an amazing outlet for me, a magnificent way to incorporate all of the influences that had helped me sharpen my craft.
A recent interview with Phil Swanson was posted on a rather small blog, in which he made some very bold statements. I am not here to defend myself or counteract anything he may feel towards Ho13 or myself directly. His point of view is entirely his own prerogative. In an attempt to not discredit his persona, his ideas are quite far from reality. My reality. So, with that said, I wish him nothing but the best in any musical endeavor he may embark on. A talented vocaslist he is, but he is NOT the be-all-end-all of Ho13.
In closing, the only thanks I can extend is once again to all of you. The fans. You have helped us more than anything. The music is for you. And I am extending to you guys the longevity of this band until the finality comes. Thank all of you!!
Chad Davis


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Like I said to Chad, it's bittersweet for sure, but definitely good news.

  2. Any luck trying to find the above mentioned interview??

    1. Naw, but I'm not that morbidly curious.


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