Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Doom Charts for 05/01/13


The first ever 'official' doom chart will be going up on this space on June 1, exactly one month from today.  What makes it so official?  Basically I asked dozens of reviewers, radio hosts, label owners, and all around 'voices of the community' to submit a list, however long or short, of their current favorite albums.  Nearly every part of the world is being represented in this effort and some 7 people from various countries have already submitted lists early.  The results are interesting, encouraging and the support for this project has been overwhelming.

If you are a blogger, reviewer, label owner, radio host or all around 'voice' within the stoner, doom, psychedelic, sludge, etc. community and would like to take part in the Doom Charts project, please send an email to or if you're on facebook you can message me here  I will send back details.  For now, bang your head to this:

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Ride (Miss Lava / Red Supergiant)
  2. Restless Wanderer (Devil / Gather The Sinners)
  3. Enter the Void (Tsar Bomba / Silent Queen)
  4. Lifestream (Blizaro / Blak Majicians)
  5. La Ley Del Dolor (Cultura Tres / Rezando al Miedo)
  6. Highflyer (Eternal Elysium / Highflyer EP)
  7. Warrior Woman (Corsair / Ghosts of Proxima Centarui)
  8. Rain on the Highway (Geezer / Handmade Heavy Blues)
  9. Final Escape (Amaxa / ST)
  10. Signed, Epstein's Mom (Gozu / The Fury of a Patient Man)
  11. Money Shot (Early Mammal / Horror at Pleasure)
  12. Polygon of Eyes (Scorpion Child / ST)*
  13. Widow Stone (Sonic Mass / single)
  14. Tower of Silence (Cathedral / The Last Spire)
  15. Astral Sabbat (Jess & The Ancient Ones / Astral Sabbat EP)
  16. Leaning on a Bear (Purson / The Circle & The Blue Door)
  17. Sinister Gleams (Abysmal Grief / Feretri)*
  18. Big Bad Wolf (The Gentlemen Bastards / ST)
  19. Weather Breeder (Neon Warship / ST)
  20. Stone (Alice in Chains / The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here)*
  21. Solution (Supermachine / ST)*
  22. Wash His Bones (Dead River / ST)
  23. Corpus Earthling (Midnight Zombie Alligator / Nova Sico)
  24. Great Leader (Giza / Future Ruins)
  25. Death March (The Gates of Slumber / Stormcrow)
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
Lucid (Mount Salem / Endless)
Pare Huarg (Lord Summerisle / Demo)
Rad Dungeons (The Valley / ST)
A Slow & Heavy Ride (Iron Hearse / Get In The Hearse)

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