Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Doom Charts for 06/26/13

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Master of the Temple (Magister Templi / Lucifer Leviathan Logos)
  2. Conflict (Philip H. Anselmo / War of the Gargantuas)
  3. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Alice in Chains / The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here)
  4. Already Dead (Devil to Pay / Fate is Your Muse)
  5. Fire (Kadavar / Abra Kadavar)
  6. Hysteria (Mount Salem / Endless EP)
  7. Join the Sabbath (Chains / single)
  8. The Imposter (Dozer / split single w/ Nymf)
  9. Demons on Wheels (Devil / Gather the Sinners)
  10. Gun You Down (Ape Machine / Mangled By the Machine)
  11. Caul of Time (Beastwars / Blood Becomes Fire)
  12. Maleficia Lamiah (Pombagira / Maleficia Lamiah)*
  13. Ancient Song (Geezer / Gage EP)
  14. Lucy in the Sky with Demons (Temple of Nothing / Psalms of Solitary Self-Indulgence)
  15. Twisted Light (The Black Angels / Indigo Meadow)
  16. Running on Fumes (Lowburn / Soaring High EP)
  17. Night Demon (Night Demon / ST EP)
  18. Eyes of Zamiel (Demon Lung / The Hundredth Name)
  19. On the Mountain (Iron Man / att hålla dig över)
  20. ***The Secret Spot (Scorpion Child / ST)
  21. The Blackness of my Soul Will Be So Great As To Make the Night Weep (Tentacle / Ingot Eye)
  22. Kingmaker (Spiritual Beggars / Earth Blues)*
  23. Secret of the Fox (Half Gramme of Soma / ST)
  24. [Devil's Grip] Driven Insane (The Gates of Slumber / Stormcrow EP)*
  25. The Protean Towers (High Priest of Saturn / ST)*
* New Song
*** Due to an itunes mix up previous listings of the track "Liquor" were actually for "The Secret Spot"

Outgoing songs:
Mt. Abraxas (Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats / Mind Control)
Electric Mistress [7" edit] (Stoned Jesus / single)
Silent One (Demon Eye / ST EP)
Girls 'n' Guns (Deaf Proof / Beyond the Orange Door Demo)

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