Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fair Warning! Don't Miss ... Lizard Queen

Though their debut album is only months old, one of the members of Italian stoner freak out band Deep (check out the PH article here / and my review here) has returned with a second new project called Lizard Queen, as if to prove that this band is the Italian equivalent of Ice Dragon.  Their self-titled debut is weighty and substantial.  Indeed it is an absolute boulder of desert rock.  Though not as experimental in terms of style, texture and structure as Deep's album, that exploratory nature displayed by the parent band shows full blooming expression here in the form of thematic variation (both within each individual track and within the structure of the album overall), improvisation and above all else, feel.  The vocals are laid back, punctuated by heartfelt flights and generally match the mood of the music behind them while the riffs flow along languidly and are exploited  to their fullest measure by lengthy compositions, creating a hypnotic effect.  Simply put, once you press play on track 1, you are locked in with no desire to escape.  Lizard Queen casts a deep spell and puts you in a trance.  However, don't expect a droney album with a bunch of one note songs, 'Lizard Queen' has more than a few curve balls to throw at you, and when they come, they fly at full force.

And when I speak of weightiness, I mean it.  At 56 and a half minutes, this isn't your typical four song tryout that most bands test the waters with, this is a veritable 72 ounce steak of fully stoned rock n roll and with a blank price tag on bandcamp this is the band that keeps on giving.  Check them out on the player below:

Lizard Queen on facebook

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