Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer's ST Debut to see Vinyl release on Mind Control Records

Cover artwork by Alex Goulet.
Canadian Instrumental duo (live trio) Tumbleweed Dealer's self-titled full-length debut record is about to be released on vinyl by German label Mind Control Records.

It's an excellent album full of bluesy southwestern feelings and stoned vibes.  Seven songs that never waver in consistency, this album will almost definitely finish in my year end top 10 as I've already played it 50 times.  I can't get enough of this thing.  I see it's also in the Bandcamp top 10 most popular albums for the search tag 'stoner rock'.  Not too shabby.  The Montreal based band is composed of Dopethrone drummer Carl Borman, live bassist Felix Roberge and guitarist / bassist / songwriter Seb Painchaud whom I was able to chat with about tons of cool stuff in one of my favorite Paranoid interviews yet (read it here).

The vinyl is set for a SEPTEMBER 18th release, but pre-orders are going on right now, right here:

Better get two because you're probably gonna wear out the grooves on your first copy.

Tumbleweed Dealer on facebook

One more time:

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