Monday, 19 August 2013

Fair Warning! Don't Miss ... Problem With Dragons!

Weird Science and High Fantasy collide in the form of Easthampton, Mass' Problem With Dragons.  This trio's debut, 'Atomics' is like a streamlined rock ship, all afterburners and propulsion.  Problem With Dragons are the stoner rocker's answer to Buck Rogers, but instead of Ray Guns, their weapons are dazzlingly dark and haunting harmonies, fuzz by the bucket load and drums that stomp and smash.  Though this EP came out roughly t-plus a year and a half ago, they have only just come to my attention and have earned it in full measure with 5 short and poisonously sweet tunes that will peel the paint off the walls before crashing through them.  Those in the Boston area should know of this band as well as those who make it their business to keep a keen ear close to the (under-)ground, but for those like myself who are fashionably late to the launchpad, it's never too late to boogie in orbit, so get to know Problem With Dragons on the player below and I swear to you you will not be disappointed!  And of course, like all New England based underground bands they have a new album in the works (is that all they do over there or what?) so be on the look out for that one as well.  Consider 'Atomics' a primer.  Or a stage-1 booster rocket.  You have been warned.  End transmission.

Problem With Dragons on facebook
Problem With Dragons on Reverbnation

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