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ITEM! Heavy Eyes, Dirty Streets, Mexicoma & Cortez releases on Bilocation Records

Recently, The Heavy Eyes' 'Maera' album ranked at the number 71 slot on the most played albums of 2012 list on this blog. That may not sound all that impressive at first glance, but when you factor in that it only saw a digital release with under three weeks to go in the year, it gives an idea as to how this record stormed in like a hurricane and bowled me over. I gave it a 5 out of 5 rating in my review and to this very day you can find it lurking around the top 10 albums in the Doom Charts.  Well now it's being released on vinyl and Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records are giving Paranoid Hitsophrenic readers a chance to pre-order it!

Couple that with the fact that the label is also releasing one of the best albums from 2011 that I didn't have, 'Movements' by The Dirty Streets and I was excited to see this email.  If nothing else, it gave me the perfect excuse to finally grab 'Movements' up and strike it off my wishlist.

Not to be outdone however, Mexicoma, those Stoner doomer Swedes are also seeing the vinyl release of their first official, eponymous LP.  And Boston's balls out rockers Cortez are seeing their self-titled album released on CD.  A power packed lineup of four terrific bands that I for one will definitely vouch for.

Read all about it from the press release:

Kozmik Artifactz & Bilocation Records releases!!

we are proud to announce that the pre-sale has started of the following vinyl releases:


Release date: late February


People, this is an album chock full of fuzzed out tones, echoed vocals and stop/start beats that likely would have been on quite a few “best of” lists had it not been released at the ass end of 2012. Listening to The Heavy Eyes is like a hallucination for the ears. You can take my word for it…the psychedelic blues of this Memphis trio will send you from Beale Street to oblivion…and that’s an experience that is not to be missed.

The Heavy Eyes are an up and coming stoner/ blues rock band hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. These guys go back to the essence of the late 60's and early 70's to create their own distinct sound; Somewhere between Five Horse Johnson, Radio Moscow and Led Zeppelin. The band's second full-length, Maera continues where The Heavy Eyes left off. Behind the colourful artwork lies a clearer sound, more organic songwriting and tons of killer groove. The whole thing is driven by a hypnotic psychedelic vibe (think Jimi Hendrix) that goes perfectly with the excellent vocals. I think The Heavy Eyes are currently one of the best new bands out there and their latest album kicks more ass than a whole temple of shaolin monks. Yes, you should hear it.

The Heavy Eyes play a groove-laden style of blues with a hard and heavy edge. There are no major departures on 'Maera' from the identity the band established for themselves on their self-titled debut. The Heavy Eyes find their groove on 'Maera' allowing the blues to wash over them in a rising tide of fuzz, riffs and crash.  I start to wonder if these lads are incapable of recording a bad song, I haven't heard one from them yet.  I'd be surprised if this and future albums don't gain the band a lot more attention above and below ground.  There are so many gigantic riffs on display on this album that taken as a complete work 'Maera' is truly staggering and definitely the best new blues/rock album I've heard since The Black Keys' 'The Big Come Up' way back when. Rating 5/5

The Heavy Eyes are set to roll out the follow-up to their self-titled debut with Maera, a joy ride from start to finish. Keeping good on their roots of Memphis rhythm and blues, the band scratch and claw their way for the distortion pedal, as they crank the amp up to eleven. None may phrase it better than the band, who call themselves “psychedelic blues rock…similar to a skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969.” Rating 8,5/10
Heavy eyes pic

- 200x black / 200x transparent yellow / 100x transparent blue
- transparent blue vinyl exclusively available from Kozmik Artifactz
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
- 300gsm glossy gatefold cover
- handnumbered 


Side A:
1. Levantado 3:36 
2. One Hand On The Buffalo 3:30 
3. Maggie 2:45 
4. These Men Are Wolves 2:47 
5. Mind 3:01 
6. Parado 3:53
7. The Times 3:11 
8. Abbé Faria 3:07 
9. Lately 3:25 
10. Goodnight 2:37 
11. Aplomado 9:56
Total 41:48 

The album is also available on CD!!

Listen to the album here:


Release date: 11.02.2013

Memphis TNs, Dirty Streets fuse rock, soul and the blues into a gritty attack of retro roots rock.


When the Streets take off on a solo, there's no jam-band exploration, just full-on grimy attack. And the rough, menacing guitar tone is matched by vocals that growl and bark beyond their age. 
- Chris Herrington, MEMPHIS FLYER

The first truly great "new" band to emerge from the Memphis scene in recent memory, this trio of teen and twenty-somethings conjure a mass of thick riffs and a hearty retro rumble...
- Bob Mehr, GO MEMPHIS

Vocalist Justin Toland has a voice that reminds me of a mix between Leslie West (Mountain), Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), and to a point, Sam Velde (Night Horse).  The vocals are certainly a strong point. They’re very soulful and full of energy and give Movements that extra element that can make or break an album. In this case it certainly makes it. Vocals aren’t everything though. The instruments are just as strong. Justin’s guitar is just as equally good, bassist Thomas Storz certainly can kick it with the best as you can hear some pretty mean riffs and the beat gets stuck in your head. Andrew Denham’s drums sound basic but they certainly get the job done without all the extra pizazz that some bands go for.
Movements has a nice warm 70s classic rock and soul and blues rock feel to it. There are plenty of great guitar riffs, the vocals are excellent and it’s easy to get quite a few of the beats stuck in your head. It has a familiar but yet unique sound. It’s modern but yet feels so 1970-ish, even the artwork has a certain aspect that screams 1970s. This is a highlight album for 2011. We all know that modern rock radio today is crap and missing something. The Black Crowes are one of the few modern bands that make it somewhat enjoyable. Since they’re on hiatus someone needs to step up and fill that void. I believe that The Dirty Streets are one of those bands that are certainly capable of filling that void.
Dirty streets pic

- 400 copies total: 100x black / 200x clear / 100x transparent orange
- transparent orange vinyl exclusively available from Kozmik Artifactz
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
- matt laquered 300gms gatefold cover
- handnumbered


Side A:
1. Broke As A Man Can Be 5:12
2. Cloud Of Strange 3:04
3. Felt 5:23
4. Fight You 4:11
5. Movements 3:52

Side B:
1. It's About Time 5:08
2. Trying Too Hard 3:40
3. What Do You Know 4:48
4. You Could Have Fooled Me 4:26
5. Native Sun 2:17    
Total 42:06

Listen to the album here:

MEXICOMA - Mexicoma LP

Release date: 22.02.2013

You're about to witness one of the heaviest bands of the genre. These 6 dudes (incl. 3 guitars and 1 heavenly hellish voice) from Sweden bring you an earth-shattering melange of stoner rock, doom and metal. So heavy, so melodic, so unique ... no need to categorize any further, just listen for yourself ... 


Since the beginning in 2006, Mexicoma has grown from being a clean-cut stonerband to expressing a much more ambient and heavier sound. Just as a good whiskey, Mexicoma has needed the time to age and evolve to get the right taste. The earlier flirt with the 70s and more peeled off sound, has developed into a heavier and saturnine presence, without discarding their riff-based foundations. The sound today is easiest described as heavy-hearted and transformative, but at the same time still captivating and progressive. 

Mexicomas self-titled EP is far from the first recordings, still the release is stated as the first official issue. Although the band has been a part of Swedish scene in the north for several years, the time is now to reap what once was sown. Mexicoma is ready to conquer both the international scene as well as, once again, the Swedish one. 
mexicoma pic

- 300 copies total: 200x transparent yellow / 100x transparent red 
- transparent red vinyl exclusively available from Kozmik Artifactz incl. tarot card signed by the band 
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany 
- matte laquered 300gms gatefold cover 
- handnumbered 


Side A: 
1. 5.27 (7:04) 
2. Pray (6:14) 
3. Relentless (5:02) 
Side B: 
4. Truth Been Told (4:20) 
5. Bright Black Day (3:50) 
6. Omega Doom (7:27) 
7. John The Revelator (Cover) (6:43) 
Total 40:40

You can listen to the album here:

Do not miss the following CD-Release:

CORTEZ - Cortez CD

Here's a very experimented quatuor that delivers an amazing blend of 70's Heavy Rock and Doomy Stoner Rock, with an emphasis on groovy riffs and bluesy vocals; sometimes terribly heavy and shredding, sometimes more quiet and almost psychedelic, always characterized by catchy choruses and a strong musicianship. This is the perfect kind of BIG, LOUD and HEAVY stuff with a slight dirty and rebel edge that should maliciously play with your mind. (TEMPLE OF PERDITION - Webzine)

Cortez has solidified their place in the world of underground heavy rock, the new material simultaneously swinging and crushing with hooks for days.. These aren’t just songs, they are war cries and proclamations, letting the world know that Cortez means business and will not stop until their quest for the perfect riff or catchiest chorus is attained.
cortez pic
Listen to the album here:

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