Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hour of Power 02/23/13 (playlist)

Once again, maybe the best HoP yet.  A whole bunch of new videos and new songs premiered this week but not Ice Dragon's "Season of Decay". This fan made video was made a couple weeks ago but was uploaded to youtube just this week so it starts this week's playlist.  The release of Beastwood's 'Alabama Space Witch' is right around the corner so what better way to commemorate the occasion than by showing the brand new video clip of the opening song, "Galactic Bison"?  Kadavar's "All Our Thoughts" video was shot on a phone camera and took roughly half a year to edit.  Now we reap the benefits of all that hard work.  The Brimstone Days shoot all of their music videos in a single camera / single take fashion with no need for lengthy editing sessions, their new one premiered this week and it is memorable.  Australian paisley pop psych outfit Ride Into The Sun have a new single coming out soon, the video for "Hunt Like Wolves" is actually a couple weeks old but slipped under the radar until it showed up in my inbox.  Great stuff.  As is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne quintet Druganaut's compelling album teaser video "Sober Again".  Pittsburgh doom veterans Dream Death's new album comes out the same day as Beastwood's, February 26, and they have released the song "Feast" as a preview which, judging from comments, is catching on like wildfire, much as it should.  As always the Hour of Power is rounded out by highlights of the week's posts, great songs from Palm Desert, DemonAuta, Aleph Null, Crag Dweller, Black Overdrive and Hellryde Inc., in that order.  Maybe a bit static with the imagery but the soundtrack is guaranteed to get your blood moving.  Thanks to all the musicians, readers and browsers for making this another terrific week at PH!

  1. Season of Decay (Ice Dragon / single) 2012
  2. Galactic Bison (Beastwood / Alabama Space Witch) 2013
  3. All Our Thoughts (Kadavar / ST) 2012
  4. What Do You Want (The Brimstone Days / On a Monday Too Early To Tell) 2012
  5. Hunt Like Wolves (Ride Into The Sun / single) 2013
  6. Sober Again (Druganaut / TBA) 2013
  7. Feast (Dream Death / Somnium Excessum)2013
  8. Acid Phantom (Palm Desert / Rotten Village Sessions) 2013
  9. Hacia el 6to Sol (DemonAuta / Caminando en la Luna) 2013
  10. Mars Father (Aleph Null / Belladonna EP) 2013
  11. Gotta Have It (Crag Dweller / Magic Dust) 2012
  12. Misery Mountain (Black Overdrive / ST) 2012
  13. Piss Me Off (Hellryde Inc. / Hellryde Incorporated) 2012

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