Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Doom Charts for 02/06/13

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Evil Hearted (Dryasdust / ST Demo)
  2. Set In Stone (Three Seasons / Understand The World)
  3. Cool To Hate (Mother Gun / Human EP)
  4. Bald Bull (Gozu / The Fury of a Patient Man)
  5. Cosmonautical Mile (Harvester / The Blind Summit Recordings)
  6. Space (Glitter Wizard / Hunting Gatherers)
  7. Drive (Cube / ST)
  8. Drowning Doom (Mage / Black Sands)
  9. Receive It (Megachurch / Megachurch 2: Judgment Day)
  10. Green Vapour (Lord of the Grave / Green Vapour)
  11. Lava (Deville / Hydra)*
  12. Deserted Planet 2078 (Deep Space Destructors / II)
  13. Wretches (Bottlecap / ST)
  14. Kali Maa (Veracrash / My Brother The Godhead)*
  15. The Color Out of Space (From Beyond / The Color Out of Space EP)
  16. Matterhorn (Egypt / Become The Sun)*
  17. Navigating on the Seas of Dementia (A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm / split CD w/Wheelfall)
  18. Same Old Story (The Brimstone Days / On A Monday Too Early To Tell)
  19. Hate Humans (The Mangled Dead / Hate Humans)*
  20. Bad Things (Sticky Digit / ST)
  21. It Comes From The Mist (Wheelfall / Interzone)
  22. Pony (Geezer / Handmade Heavy Blues)
  23. The Observer (Zosimos / ST)
  24. Digging Down [The Hole Part One … From Deep Below] (Black Space Riders / Light is the New Black)*
  25. Troubled Rose / Frozen Eyes (Hornss / The Red Death)*
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
"Hollow" by Alice in Chains
"War Weather Worshipper" by Black Overdrive
"All Too Human" by Enos
"The Assassin's Song" by Necronomicon
"Against The Storm" by The Shooters
"Spirits of Fire" by Year of the Goat

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