Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hour of Power 02/02/13 (playlist)

Highlights from the week of 01/27/13 - 02/02/13

First off, thanks to Mats from Ozium Records for bending my ear towards the blistering sounds of Mushroom Caravan Overdrive who start this week's Hour of Power.  MCO are yet another collection of heavy / hard rock giants from Sweden.  It's getting really boring to say/hear that "{insert band name} are yet another great band from Sweden."  Ho hum.  This video is a few months old but it's new to me.  After that we've got a pair of new tunes from some great heavy bands. "Submissive to Evil" by Vestal Claret, featuring the vocal talents of Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Seamount), from their new album 'Bloodbath' which comes out next week and "Bright Land - Black Death" by Pet The Preacher from their new double EP 'Short Stories', which doesn't have an official release date as of yet, but be on the look-out for that one come Spring.  After that we run down a quartet of review highlights from this week including tunes by Bright Curse, Cpt. Kronos, It's Not Night: It's Space and Stone Machine Electric.  Sometimes I really wish I wasn't so hopeless with this youtube thing so I could upload some videos myself.  Maybe one day I will, maybe one day soon ... Last but not least, a new doom band in the shape of Mount Salem grab a spot on the playlist with "Hysteria", which is currently streaming on bandcamp and will be available on the band's 'Endless EP' in about three weeks hence and I thought that the title track from Dawn of the Dead (which I discussed in this week's mailbag) would make a good follow-up to Mount Salem and a good outro.  Enjoy ...

  1. Psychedelic Lady (Mushroom Caravan Overdrive) 2012
  2. Submissive To Evil (Vestal Claret / Bloodbath) 2013
  3. Bright Land - Black Death (Pet The Preacher / Short Stories: Papa Zen & Meet the Creature) 2013
  4. The Hermit (Bright Curse / ST) 2012
  5. A Criminal Mind (Cpt. Kronos / The Invocation EP) 2012
  6. Blue Mountain Freedom (It's Not Night: It's Space / Bowing Not Knowing To What) 2012
  7. Hypocrite Christ [live] (Stone Machine Electric / ST) 2013
  8. Hysteria (Mount Salem / Endless EP) 2013
  9. L'Alba Dei Morti Viventi (Goblin / Zombi) 1978

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