Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hour of Power 02/09/13 (playlist)

Kind of a big week for bands releasing music videos with Jess & The Ancient Ones, Ancient VVisdom and Desert Storm leading off this week's Hour of Power, in that order, with new promo clips, followed-up by some new sounds released by two of the bigger names of the UK doom scene, Moss and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.  Then I get my seventies fix out of the way with a pair of tracks by Road and Jerusalem.  Then we move into some vids from bands reviewed earlier in the week on this very blog, Neon Warship, Atomic Vulture and Torso.  We finish things off with my favorite Troggs song, maybe their most psychedelic outing, "Night of the Long Grass".  Earlier this week Reg Presley (born Reg Ball), lead singer of The Troggs passed away at the age of 71.  Here's to Reg ...

  1. Astral Sabbat (Jess & The Ancient Ones / Astral Sabbat EP) 2013
  2. Deathlike (Ancient VVisdom / Deathlike) 2013
  3. Shadow of an Eagle (Desert Storm / Horizontal Life) 2013
  4. Horrible Nights (Moss / Moss' Horrible Night) 2013
  5. Poison Apple (Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats / Mind Control) 2013
  6. I'm Trying (Road / ST) 1972
  7. Midnight Steamer (Jerusalem / ST) 1972
  8. Carry You Away (Neon Warship / ST) 2013
  9. Missing Link (Atomic Vulture / Planet Emerald) 2013
  10. Room (Torso / Inside EP) 2012
  11. Night of the Long Grass (The Troggs / Trogglodynamite) 1967

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