Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hour of Power 02/16/13 (playlist)

Every weekend I post a new Hour of Power and every time I think it's the best one yet.  This week, brand new and great looking official video clips from Year of the Goat, Death SS and Gates of Slumber kick things off in terrific doom-y fashion.  All new songs by Orchid, John Gallow and Black Rainbows highlight the 'middle set' of videos and highlights from the week's (regretfully few) posts close out the affair, including an excellent fan made video for Slow Heart.  Interspersed throughout are clips from The Nice, The Alan Bown! of sixties infamy plus Chains and the Black Sabbath "The Rebel" acetate demo.  Also on the Black Sabbath front and placed carefully somewhere in the middle of the playlist is a three-minute teaser clip of Black Sabbath talking about the new album '13' in the studio.  It makes for an interesting change of pace and goes together beautifully with a brand new clip of Finnish soon-to-be giants, Dryasdust in the studio.  Enjoy!

  1. Spirits of Fire (Year of the Goat / Angels' Necropolis) 2012
  2. Ogre's Lullaby (Death SS / The Darkest Night) 2013
  3. Death March (The Gates of Slumber / Storm Crow EP) 2013
  4. Flower King of Flies (The Nice / The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack) 1967
  5. Wizard of War (Orchid / Wizard of War EP) 2013
  6. Holy Land (John Gallow) 2013
  7. An Inside Look At Black Sabbath in the studio 2013
  8. Finger Sessions (Dryasdust) 2013
  9. C'mon C'mon C'mon (Black Rainbows) 2013
  10. My Girl The Month of May (The Alan Bown / Outward Bown!) 1968
  11. The Rebel (Black Sabbath / acetate) 1969
  12. Alone and Red (Slow Heart / Dead Friends and Angry Lovers) 2012
  13. Of Death (Chains / Of Death) 2012

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