Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Top 25 Most Paranoid Songs (07/03/13)

Okay folks, it's time for a Doom Charts re-branding.  With the 'Super Doom Chart' feature now in full swing, it seems strange for it to share a name with the regular ol' doom charts.  So I'm going to split my charts into Wednesday's Top 25 songs and Saturday's Top 30 albums (minus the songs).  It's pretty much the same thing except there will be no Top 25 songs on the Saturday chart.  Simple, easy, basic.  I should have done it a long time ago.  Each chart now is its own separate thing and serves its own separate purpose.  The only thing is, these charts need new titles ... but what?!?!?  For now I'm just calling Wednesday's chart the 'Top 25 Most Paranoid Songs'.  Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions.

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. The Secret Spot (Scorpion Child / ST)
  2. Caul of Time (Beastwars / Blood Becomes Fire)
  3. Gun You Down (Ape Machine / Mangled By the Machine)
  4. Already Dead (Devil to Pay / Fate is Your Muse)
  5. Hysteria (Mount Salem / Endless EP)
  6. Join the Sabbath (Chains / single)
  7. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Alice in Chains / The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here)
  8. Maleficia Lamiah (Pombagira / Maleficia Lamiah)
  9. The Imposter (Dozer / split single w/ Nymf)
  10. Demons on Wheels (Devil / Gather the Sinners)
  11. Twisted Light (The Black Angels / Indigo Meadow)
  12. Lucy in the Sky with Demons (Temple of Nothing / Psalms of Solitary Self-Indulgence)
  13. Eyes of Zamiel (Demon Lung / The Hundredth Name)
  14. Devils II (Witches of God / The Blood of Others)*
  15. Running on Fumes (Lowburn / Soaring High EP)
  16. Ancient Song (Geezer / Gage EP)
  17. The Blackness of my Soul Will Be So Great As To Make the Night Weep (Tentacle / Ingot Eye)
  18. Volcanic Winter (Mammoth Storm / Demo 2013)
  19. Black Colossus (Zeppheroin / Howl)
  20. [Devil's Grip] Driven Insane (The Gates of Slumber / Stormcrow EP)
  21. The Bull (The Ruiner / digital single)*
  22. The Protean Towers (High Priest of Saturn / ST)
  23. Kingmaker (Spiritual Beggars / Earth Blues)
  24. At the Cromlech (Kröwnn / Hyborian Age)
  25. Secret of the Fox (Half Gramme of Soma / ST)
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
Fire (Kadavar / Abra Kadavar)
Night Demon (Night Demon / ST EP)


  1. Fuck me LK - I feel honoured indeed to make it into this chart!



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