Sunday, 24 March 2013

Valley of the Sun's Indiegogo campaign to record new album (News)

So, those amazing Cincinnati based stoner rockers Valley of the Sun have written a full-length album, tentatively called 'The Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk' which they plan on recording shortly.  They want to do the best job they possibly can with the recording so they have launched an Indiegogo campaign (not unlike kickstarter) and are looking for contributions.  After hearing their 2011 five song EP 'The Sayings of the Seers' I have complete faith in them to return on my investment and deliver an amazing album.

If you haven't heard or downloaded the EP you can do so on the player below.  It's a 'pay anything' deal on bandcamp but as I said if you haven't picked this one up it's a great way to contribute anything you want to the effort.

Here's a video appeal from the band:

At the time of this writing the band are about a quarter of the way to their goal of $8,000 with about four weeks to go before they begin to record.  They will record this album one way or the other, but they want it to sound as good as possible.  Their projected budget is outlined on the Indiegogo page.  The page features descriptions of multiple packages to pre-purchase the yet to be recorded album either as a digital download, a vinyl LP, with or without T-shirt, etc. plus a bunch of other really cool bonuses.

To contribute or just to look at what the band has to offer, check out the campaign page here.

Below is the summary from the campaign page.

Short Summary

Valley of the Sun started out in 2010 and quickly released our first EP "twothousandten".  We released our follow up EP "The Sayings of the Seers" in 2011.  After two EP's, we've decided it's time to put out a long player in 2013.  We've been working on writing since the Summer of 2011.  Some of the songs came quick, some were battles, but all are solid rockers and you're going to dig them.

What We Need & What You Get

We aren't on a record label and we don't have a huge amount of personal funds.  That's why we need your help.  Recording and releasing a record costs a lot of money, and although it can be expensive, we've figured out the best way to get the quality we think you deserve at the cheapest possible price.
Essentially, the success of this campaign will determine how amazing this record will become. We are set up for Flex Funding which means if we don't reach our goal, we are still getting the money that is raised. So, if we don't reach our goal, we will have to reevaluate how we are planning to do this record. Regardless, we are ready to deliver this thing however our campaign plays out.

The Impact

By taking part in this experiment you yourself are taking charge and helping to change how we make music. You are putting faith in us to come through and show you that we've learned a couple things over the years. Every time we've headed into the studio in the past, we've kept all the people who have supported this band in mind. The level of responsibility is so much higher this time.
With that in mind, we give you our word that we will not settle for “good enough” - we wont take any shortcuts, and above all – the money we raise in this thing will be reflected in the final product.
Here's to making our best album yet.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't know what to think about this idea and aren't sure you can commit – there are other ways you can help out. Spread the word! Tell your family and friends and let them know what's going on. We don't expect everyone who's listened to and enjoyed our music to jump on board, just let people know this is happening. With all the social networking and ways we now connect with one another, by posting links to this page you are reaching places we would never be able to reach.


Studio time:                                                        $5000
Record Pressing:                                                 $3000
Rewards cost:                                                     $1200
Travel expenses/lodging while recording:               $1000
indiegogo fees 7-9% of final $ raised:                       ???
Total..............................................................    $10,200

We're setting this thing at $8000, but anything we can raise above that really helps and will definitely be reflected in the quality of the record.  We appreciate your help in getting this done!

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