Friday, 29 March 2013

Diesel King - The Grey Man (album review)

Diesel King has made quite a name for themselves in the UK metal underground appearing on the 'Sons of Sabbath' free CD sampler that came with the Metal Hammer Sabbath tribute issue last year.  That was my first exposure to the band.  Their EP 'The Ancient And The Nameless' was loaded with muscular riffs, headbangin' rhythms and received rave reviews from many in the underground sludge review press.  Five songs and 25 minutes of satisfaction it left a strong and violent indent on folks around the world.

Fortunately, the world didn't have long to wait for the return of the king.  'The Grey Man', Diesel King's second and latest EP is a scabrous blast that combines great riffs and groove with heavy metal extremity.  The force of this blast will definitely tear the listener a new one.  Consider this fair warning.

'The Grey Man' unleashes the band's power grooves in full force, the scope of the band's abilities of which were only hinted at on their first offering.  The new one literally picks up right where the last one left off with ringing distortion and the pounding ferocity of the last bit of "Toumai" leading into opening track "Battered Hag".  Straight off the listener will notice that extremity levels have been ramped up across the board, from the pissed off growling vocals to the slab-like riffs that sway dangerously overhead to the cyclopean power grooves which define this release, 'The Great Man' unleashes heaviness that is measured in the tonnes.

Diesel King dust off their sandblaster and get to work on peeling the faces off listeners on the EP's title track, "The Grey Man".  Mark O'Regan gusts blistering vocals with hurricane force propelled by the juggernaut behind him.  "Immurement" is a form of execution which involves walling up the victim, as in E.A. Poe's classic The Black Cat.  Punishing waves of heavy metal groove lays brick and mortar around the listener.  After immuring the listener, "Bind Torture Kill" kicks down the bricks and just buries the listener in the rubble.  Rest in peace.

'The Grey Man' is a headbanging tour de force.  The digital download on bandcamp costs 3 pounds and comes with a free air drum kit that magically appears in front of you while listening.  It's a good thing it's included because you're going to need it.  Bill Jacobs (drummer in Diesel King) knows his grooves, knows how to get the crowd headbanging and swaying.  You know when the guitar and drum interplay is so full of catchy and powerful funk that it almost sounds dangerous?  Like it's going to set off a riot at any minute?  Those are the waters that Diesel King navigates.  Someone's going to get hurt here, there's no question.  If I were some king of overly cautious control freaks I'd see too it there was a law against this band.

Highlights include: "The Grey Man" and "Immurement"

Rating: 4.5/5

Total Run Time: 31:10

Mark O’Regan - Vocals
Geoff Foden - Guitar
Aled ‘Danger’ Marc - Guitar
Bill Jacobs - Drums
Will Wichanski - Bass

From: London, England

Genre: Sludge, Groove Metal

Reminds me of: Crowbar, Down, Pantera, Pitch Black Forecast

Release Date: March 4, 2013

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: At t-plus 5 minutes, enter the blast crater and begin to lay masonry all around you.

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