Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Doom Charts for 03/13/13

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Earth Rocker (Clutch / Earth Rocker)
  2. Onyx and Obsidian (Black Pyramid / Adversarial)
  3. Blind (March The Desert / ST)
  4. Rollin' (Motherslug / ST)
  5. Run The Night (Salem's Pot / ST cassette)
  6. Trapped In The Past (Space Mushroom Fuzz / single)
  7. The Wallowing Wizard (Atragon / single)
  8. Legions of the Deep (Arkham Witch / Legions of the Deep)
  9. U Turn (The Quartet of Woah! / Ultrabomb)
  10. Enslaved In The Icy Tundra (Desert Storm)
  11. Don't Play With Guns (The Black Angels / Indigo Meadow)
  12. One (Torso / Inside EP)
  13. Pitti Platsch Anoraknaroek (Voltron / Kaventsmann)
  14. Mexico (Five Horse Johnson / The Taking of Blackheart)
  15. Horse (White Bone Rattle / Creature of Curiosity)
  16. Hypocrite Christ (Stone Machine Electric / ST)*
  17. No Good (Hound / Spirits Are Appearing)
  18. MrWeasley (Spacefog / Purple Void)*
  19. The Soul's Midnight (Ice Dragon / The Soul's Midnight EP)
  20. Secret Revival (Dwellers / Good Morning Harakiri)
  21. Hypnotic Overdrive Machine (Necronomicon / The Queen of Death)*
  22. The Humble Titan (Ice Dragon / single)
  23. Baptized (Stonebringer / Ocean of the Brave)
  24. Submissive To Evil (Vestal Claret / Bloodbath)*
  25. Geisteskrank (Suma / Hell Comes Home Vol. 1)
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
Carry You Away (Neon Warship / ST)
Hate Humans (The Mangled Dead / Hate Humans)
Night of the Dancing Witch [vocal version f./ C.Poupoutsi] (Talis / GLOT)
Troubled Rose / Frozen Eyes (Hornss / The Red Death)


  1. Nice work man, really nice to havae a way to keep up with the latest and greatest.

  2. Thanks dude, I know there's so much great music out there, so much ground to cover, it can be overwhelming just to try to keep up with it all.


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