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The Brimstone Days - On A Monday Too Early To Tell (album review)

One of the true pleasant surprises of recent memory came in the form of this album.  It was a pleasant surprise if for no other reason than this band had completely fallen under my radar.  I'd never heard of The Brimstone Days until I was sent this CD by Ozium Records and dang if they didn't knock my socks off.

'On a Monday Too Early To Tell' is boogie rock of the highest caliber.  Funky drums and busking guitar abound as this Malmo trio moves through 14 high-energy songs in 48 action packed minutes.  This is happy-go-lucky, shake your ass music.  That may come across as shallow but that very subject is addressed in "Burry The Hatchet".  It's 'come home from a long, tough day at work and throw on a good record to forget your troubles' music.  There's not as much cowbell as I might have expected on an album with this kind of guitar and uptempo drum sound, but the hi-hat is the real unsung hero of the whole affair.

Most of the guitar greats are worshipped here, Hendrix, Page and Clapton are all served up each in their turn and sometimes all at once as on "Confession", Håkan having apparently studied up and taken lessons only from the best.  Funky riffs, funky riffs and more funky riffs, this is one of the most consistent rock n' roll records I've ever heard.  The band hit their particular vein of rock gold and keep chipping away from beginning to end.

But don't get the wrong impression, The Brimstone Days are not one-trick ponies. Slow and groovy blues can be found under the headings "Helping Hand", the previously mentioned "Burry The Hatchet" and "Throw That Stone".  The title track has some slower, midtempo groove stories to tell as well.  The band wear this style well, still funkin' but swinging it slowly.  Add some satisfying wah solos and you feel like you're ready to hit the town but be prepared, these guys like to have a good time.

This is classic rock n' roll, taking only the most 'positive' sounding elements of some of the greatest acts of the seventies from AC/DC to Kiss to Bad Company, Steve Miller Band among others.  Again, this is truly upbeat music in every sense of the term.  Arguably, the best is left for last.  "Throw That Stone" is a midtempo rumbler, sounding perhaps heavier and more dangerous due to its relatively slower tempo which features the crowning achievements of Hampe on Bass duties.

Any neurotics out there who feel wary of buying a CD these days without first being able to preview the whole album, let me just finish by saying watch the videos below, what you see is pretty much what you get here.  High energy rock and roll with the odd dash of pop sensibilities or blues earnestness and no sharp decline in quality between one track and the next.  Good riffs and good vibes, man.

Highlights include: "Same Old Story" and "I Need Soul"

Rating: 4/5

All of The Brimstone Days videos are shot with a single camera in a single take.  Dig it!

1). I Need Soul (3:38)
2). What Do You Want (2:40)
3). Confession (3:45)
4). Close The Door (3:02)
5). Same Old Story (3:38)
6). Burry The Hatchet (4:03)
7). One-Two-Two (3:24)
8). Helping Hand (4:06)
9). Give Me A Reason (3:43)
10). On A Monday Too Early To Tell (2:52)
11). Captain Tom (4:01)
12). Upon Your Shoulders (3:03)
13). Tuczon Arizona (3:22)
14). Throw That Stone (3:46)
Total Run Time: 48:56

Johannes - Drums
Håkan - Guitar / Vocals
Hampe - Bass / Backing Vocals

From: Malmo, Sweden

Genre: Rock, Boogie Rock, Funk

Reminds me of: Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, Small Faces

Release Date: September 12, 2012

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: Good camping music.

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