Friday, 15 March 2013

Lothorian - Welldweller (album review)

Album artwork by Niels C. (guitars/vocals)
Slow, monolithic, filthy.  'Welldweller' is a plunge down a rabbit hole inside an impossibly deep grave.  One can practically taste the caked on grime and mud in the fleshless hollows of skulls in the riffs and vocals, which combine to create sepulchral atmospheres, especially on the album's centerpiece "Doomsday Calling".

'Welldweller' finds a young band experimenting with many different styles, always pushing for extremity in the grimiest tones and riffs they can manage.  Instrumental opener "Witchunt" establishes the precedent, a slow doomy riff with layers of distortion which both sounds and feels like the tearing of flesh.

The title track is my favorite of the bunch.  It offers the cleanest vocals of the three lyrical tracks found herein.  However clean the vocals are still manipulated and distorted by the same effect used by Philadelphia based band Summer Love and used at various times by Electric Wizard and Jerry Cantrell, a very liquidy sounding flange.  The song features a very Sabbathian bridge.

"Doomsday Calling" is a fine slice of Electric Wizard worship.  The song wouldn't sound out of place on 'Come My Fanatics' or even 'Dopethrone'.  It's that heavy, the riffs are that monumental and yeah, it's that good.  "Shallow Ground" shows some nice fretwork and some excellent instincts.  These guys may be young but they know when to ramp it up, when to speed it up, when to take a step back and slow it down and where to take a pause.

'Welldweller' has been released by Acid Cosmonaut Records and this one makes it a perfect two for two for the newish label, their other release being the excellent 'Dust Storm Warning' by Italian desert stoners DSW (see my review).

As first impressions go Lothorian's first 'official' release shows the band finding their sound.  Lyrics are sparse, the band opts for a more instrumental approach for the most part with the album sequencing rotating instrumentals and vocals one for one.  At half an hour in length 'Welldweller' reads more like an introduction to the band than a fully realized album.  A preview of great things to come.  Lothorian constantly experiment with atmosphere making one wonder what the band might have next in store.  Longer compositions wouldn't seem to be out of the question and the overwhelming impression is that this band has an all-time classic album or two in them.  Given time and a bit more material, Lothorian could be one of thee go-to names in doom and sludge metal for years to come.

The band has a new lineup and are all set to record the follow-up album 'Mørke' shortly.  Expectations have risen, stay tuned.

Highlights include: "Welldweller" and "Doomsday Calling"

Rating: 4/5

Total Run Time: 29:59

Jurgen M. - Drums, Vocals
Thomas F. - Guitar
Niels C. - Guitar, Vocals
Roenjer O. - Bass
Thomas B. - Vocals

From: Belgium

Genre: Doom, Sludge, Stoner

Reminds me of: Alice in Chains, Electric Wizard, Weed Priest

Release Date: February 15, 2013

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: Lying in graves in the heavy rain, sink deep down and hold your breath.

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  1. Great review as usual, thanks a lot Lucas! :)

    1. Thank you for your humbling words and most importantly for the great music!


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